September 3rd: Part 12 (9月3日(12), Kugatsu Mikka (12)) is the 96th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Neon seeing Chrollo cry after he reads his fortune

After Neon finishes writing out his fortune and hands it to him, Chrollo asks if he can read it. She explains that her fortunes have four or five sections which describe what will happen each week of the current month, telling him that the things mentioned in the first section may have already happened. Chrollo first reads about a precious moon being lost and others mourning him. The second section mentions bloody Scarlet Eyes and Chrollo losing half his number, with the last section telling him to seek out new friends and find the one he needs most in the east.

Chrollo begins to cry and says that her fortune is amazing and accurate, but when he tries to ask her a question about the first section, Neon quickly stops him and explains that she never looks at her fortunes, feeling that they will be more accurate if she doesn't. Chrollo says that parts of the poem are about the soul resting forever, asking if she believes in an afterlife. Neon replies that she doesn't and that fortunes are meant to comfort those who are alive. Chrollo says that she may be right, and Neon tells him that she's just repeating the words of a famous fortuneteller, who said that fortunes should make people happy so that they are more likely to improve their lives and avoid misfortune. Chrollo asks if she's referring to the Galactic Matron and points out that she was later arrested for being a fraud.

Chrollo knocking Neon unconscious

Neon says that it still made her want to grow up to be a fortuneteller, and Chrollo adds that she also didn't believe in an afterlife. Neon replies that it's partly why she doesn't, and Chrollo tells her that because he believes that people have souls, he wants to fulfill the wish of his fallen comrade. As Neon asks what the wish was, Chrollo suddenly strikes her on the back of the neck and whispers that it's to create chaos. With the Mafia members watching in confusion, Chrollo pretends that Neon fell unconscious and urgently tells them to call a doctor. One of them sends out the message, but Bean tells him that no one without a pass can enter the building, saying that they will meet them at the main entrance and drive them to the hospital personally.

Still continuing his act, Chrollo angrily worries that moving her may make her condition worse, pointing out that the girl is Neon Nostrade and warning them that they will have to deal with her father. After he remembers that even the Dons are her fans, Bean begrudgingly tells the others to call an ambulance. Inside the same surveillance room, Assassin A asks the man at the monitor if he can rewind the footage of Neon collapsing. He realizes that Chrollo used the quickest strike that most would have missed, chuckling and feeling excited at finding new prey.

After Light and Kurapika arrive, they are told that Neon is resting in Room 501. Light wonders how she got inside since she shouldn't have been able to get a pass, and Kurapika asks if she knows anyone in the Mafia. Light is adamant that besides her fortunetelling, he kept her away from the business. As Light heads to the fifth floor, Kurapika checks the Hunter Website and finds a picture of Neon. He also sees pictures of Basho and Baise along with the other Nostrade guards, realizing that they were added in just the past couple of hours. Light is in disbelief that Neon's picture is on the website, and Kurapika guesses that someone saw it and brought her to the building, with Light vowing to find and kill the person.

Chrollo and Assassin A preparing to fight

Kurapika calms him down and reminds him that getting Neon to safety should be their priority. He guesses that the perpetrator wanted her as a backup hostage just in case the pass didn't gain him access. He worries about staying in the building and says that he told Melody and the others to join them, asking Light to stay with his daughter. Light wonders about the auction, and Kurapika reveals that it will be canceled again because the place will become a battlefield. Elsewhere in the building, Assassin A follows the scent of a blood trail left on purpose and wiped up to leave just enough behind. He inhales the scent and says that only a select few predators are able to detect it. He spots the tortured Assassin F tied to a chair and throws a knife into his chest to make sure that he's dead. Chrollo peers out from behind the corpse and reveals himself, assuring the assassin that he won't use any boring traps. As Chrollo pulls out a pen from Assassin F's head, he asks that they fight one-on-one and Assassin A agrees, holding a large knife in his hand and readying his aura.

Elsewhere, Feitan receives a call from Chrollo telling them to come to the Cemetery Building and wreak havoc. As Phinks breaks the neck of one of the Mafia members, he says that they are almost there and asks where the other Spiders are. Feitan replies that they are all heading there and killing any guards standing in the way. He then says that Chrollo added a strange order to the mission, and Phinks asks what it was. Feitan reveals that they are to make a big show of the massacre. Back at the Troupe's hideout, Nobunaga is seen laughing as Gon and Killua argue.

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