September 3rd: Part 13 (9月3日(13), Kugatsu Mikka (13)) is the 97th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Assassin A is seen in a crazy and frantic state with chunks of his body missing, asking why he's still alive. Franklin and Shizuku are seen forcing their way through a roadblock only for their car to get blown up. Franklin emerges from the wreckage unharmed. He uses his Nen ability and kills many Mafia Community members. Feitan and Phinks are being held at gunpoint and told to leave but one of the Mafia members recognize Feitan. Suddenly, both Spiders disappear and quickly decapitate and snap the guard's neck. Shalnark is seen using a guard's gun to shoot the others down while using him as a shield and Pakunoda is standing close by. In the woods, other guards become suspicious and start running for the auction only to see their comrades hanging in the air and have their heads torn off by Machi. Hisoka is seen watching from a distance, enjoying the great view of the mayhem. Chrollo is seen explaining his Nen ability Indoor Fish to the now almost completely dissolved Assassin A. They are created from Nen and can only live in a completely sealed-off room. The creature loves to eat human flesh and the victim feels no pain nor do they die until the Indoor Fish disappears. Chrollo then opens a window and the creature disappears causing the assassin's body to erupt with blood. He dies instantly.

Chrollo stands at the edge of a window acting like a conductor orchestrating the mayhem himself. He "asks" Uvogin if he can hear the requiem they are offering him. The Mafia is seen trying to organize itself against the threat of the Phantom Troupe. Two men drive up and are held at gunpoint and are told to follow them or else, they're dead. Kurapika notices that many of the bosses of the Mafia Community have shown up to prove they aren't afraid but it's a complete mess. Kurapika then receives a call from Gon saying that Killua and himself have met the Phantom Troupe and have been captured. Killua tells Kurapika that they want to help him and have acquired a lot of information on the Troupe such as the location of their base and even their abilities. He adds that they're looking for him. Kurapika, saying he doesn't want to help them get killed, declines and says he has all the information he needs. Gon, back on the phone, tells him that the Troupe was actually mourning and crying over the loss of their comrade. Gon knows these people can't be allowed to do as they wish and so he asks Kurapika to let them help him. Finally, agreeing, Kurapika says he'll call them back.

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