Charge (突入, Totsunyū) is the 25th volume of the Hunter × Hunter manga series. It was released by Shueisha on March 4th, 2008 in Japan and by Viz Media on March 3rd, 2009 in English.



As the Extermination Team prepares to infiltrate the palace, the King remains conflicted and orders his Royal Guards to leave him alone on the second floor. Welfin plots to get in the King's good graces, and as Neferpitou and Shaiapouf suddenly notice an enormous dragon (ridden by Netero and Zeno) descending upon the palace, which splits apart into hundreds of smaller ones, the clock strikes midnight and the Extermination Team begins their infiltration.

Pouf flies toward the King's location, and Pitou goes after Netero floating the sky, but is sent back by his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva. Netero's development of the ability is explained: he would throw ten thousand punches of gratitude every single day, eventually allowing him to punch faster than sound.

The Extermination Team confronts Menthuthuyoupi on the central staircase, causing him to transform in order to better protect the King. Zeno's Dragon Dive pierces the palace, causing many of the Hunters to hesitate, but while making use of Meleoron's God's Accomplice, Knuckle activates A.P.R. on the Royal Guard.

As Youpi transforms even further, Pitou's En envelops the palace and causes the Hunters to stiffen with fear, which Youpi takes advantage of when he destroys the central staircase and separates the group. Pitou spots Netero and Zeno heading toward the King and Komugi, and shoots toward the King once they hit the ground. But once the Royal Guard reaches the tower, they find the King holding a wounded Komugi in his arms as Netero and Zeno look on in fear. The King asks Pitou to heal Komugi and tells the two old men that he will fight them somewhere else.

With Youpi guarding the entrance to the second floor, Morel distracts him and allows Knuckle to land another punch. Though wounded, Shoot distracts Youpi so that Morel can leave with his pipe to fight Pouf. As Gon and Killua look for Pitou, the latter notices two soldier Ants that Ikalgo (disguised as Flutter) will have to pass by, quickly using his yo-yos to kill them, but Welfin catches sight of the attack from the shadows.

In the empty throne room, Pouf laughs and cries about his failure as a Royal Guard, but suddenly finds himself surrounded by smoke with Morel standing opposite him. After killing the two Ants, Killua passes by Ikalgo, who simply tells Killua that he owes him one now—words that refocus Killua on the mission at hand. Gon spots Morel's Smoky Jail surrounding the throne room and then sees the King accompanied by Zeno and Netero, the latter of whom gestures back toward Pitou's location, causing Gon's anger to flare up.

Author's Note

I'll do my best.

Yoshihiro Togashi

Vol 25


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