Clairvoyant Snake (千里眼の蛇, Senrigan no Hebi) is a card found in the Greed Island game. It is one of the game's 100 designated slot cards and so is required for a player to complete the game.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Designated Slot Card G.I Restricted Card - Border
Name: Clairvoyant Snake 千里眼の蛇
(Senrigan no Hebi)
(Snake of Clairvoyance)
Number: #096
Rank: A
Transformation: 12
Card Effect: Feed it a card Rank C or above, and it will spit up a "Clairvoyance".
How to Obtain: (unknown)


This card allows the caster to summon a Clairvoyant Snake. It has the ability to turn any card C-Rank or above into a Clairvoyance when eaten. There is no limit to how many cards it can be fed.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.096 :: 千里眼の蛇


[Eng] No.096 :: Clairvoyant Snake

If you feed it a C-Rank card or higher, it will spit out a "Clairvoyance" instead.

Card FormsEdit