Cleapatro (クレアパトロ, Kureapatoro) serves as the Supreme Magistrate during the expedition towards the Dark Continent.[1]


Cleapatro is a lean individual with delicate features and thin, long eyebrows. They have fair hair arranged in a style reminiscent of a bob cut. They wear a light-colored uniform with a high collar and black stripes around it.


Cleapatro speaks calmly and professionally.[1]


Succession Contest arc

Following Barrigen's mysterious death, Sakata and Hashito arrest Loberry. Sakata contacts Cleapatro and requests for them to bring a case against the Sixth Queen Seiko Hui Guo Rou for attempting to assassinate the Fourteenth Prince Woble. However, due to the evidence being circumstantial and not being sufficient to override the immunity of the royal family, Cleapatro dispatches investigators to room 1010 to observe Prince Kacho for 72 hours.[1]

Cleapatro at trial

Cleapatro rules their judgment during the trial involving Musse's disappearance

The Supreme Magistrate presiding, Benjamin and Camilla stand trial. Their fate depends on what became of Musse, the judge sentences that the quarters of both princes be searched by the royal army, until which time the two will be confined to the VVIP area and placed under surveillance. The court is then adjourned.[2]


  • "Cleapatro" is an anagram of "Cleopatra", whose name and appearance seems to be loosely based on.

Translations around the World

Language Name
China Flag Chinese 科雷亞巴特羅


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