There are two known kinds of currencies in the Hunter × Hunter world. These are:


Jenny ((ジェニー) or ジェニー, Jenī) is the most common currency used. It has not been explicitly or clearly shown in a definitive and standardized form but is mentioned often throughout the series. As a point of reference for its value, Killua buys a canned drink with about 150 jenny.[2]


Pail (ペイル, Peiru) is the currency being used in the Underground Clinic in East Gorteau. The normal exchange rate is a jenny for each 500 pail.[3]


Anime and Manga Differences

  • The Pail currency is not mentioned in the 2011 anime adaptation.[4]

Intertextuality and References

  • Given its apparent status as a world currency, Jenny's name may have been inspired by the term penny—a coin or a unit of currency in various countries (commonly in English-speaking countries).

10,000 jenny G.I. card (manga ver.)

  • Jenny is most likely based on yen, the official currency of Japan. Some of the facts, elements, and similarities that reinforce this notion are:
    • when Gon, Killua, and Zushi receive their first fight prizes (152 jenny) in Heavens Arena it comes in the form of coins,[2] the coins (although not completely detailed) look like 1-, 50-, and 100-yen coins from the obverse perspective;
    • the manga's version of the 10,000 jenny Greed Island card[1] shows a real ¥10,000 (Japanese yen) banknote (Series D, 1984) obverse image;
    • when Yasuha asked/wished Nanika to make her a millionaire, the banknotes that fell down from a blimp in the sky[5] (despite the lack of some details) show on one side a mountain similar to Mount Fuji—which has been issued on many yen banknotes;
    • their status as widespread currencies. Jenny as an apparent international monetary standard currency and yen as the third most traded currency in the foreign exchange market;
    • the "exchange rate" or close equivalence between the two currencies;[6]
      • They also share the characteristic of having numerical values much higher than several other currencies.
    • the possible relation between their names: yen (also the standard spelling and pronunciation in English) derives from the Japanese kanji 圓 (えん, en). In the 16th century, Japanese /e/ (え) had been pronounced as [je] and some regions retain this pronunciation. Then the currencies' names (yen, "jen", and jenny, jenī) are not so far apart from each other;
      • The "-" (ニー) part of Jenny's original Japanese name resembles and sounds like the Japanese numeral for 2 (二, ni), a possible suggestion that Jenny is a second [fictional] version of yen.
    • the slight similarity between the yen currency (¥) sign and the Jenny symbol (Jenny.svg);
    • and, the origin of Hunter × Hunter and its author being Japanese.


  • Following the original name (an uncountable noun, characteristic of the Japanese language), its name in the Viz translation does not have plural or it is equal to the singular form (both jenny).

Translations around the World

Language Name
France Flag.png French Jenis
Russia Flag.png Russian Дженни (Dzhenni)

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