Cyclops (1つ()()(きょ)(じん)()()()()()(), 1tsu Me Kyojin) is a Greed Island monster that lives in the hills.[1]


Cyclops are a group of one-eyed humanoid giants that uses blunt weapons. They prefer to move in groups and will attack anything that goes inside their territory, found in the mountains on the way to Masadora city. They collapse when they are hit in the eye.[1]


Greed Island arc

A large group of Cyclops ambush Killua and Gon the moment they enter the Greed Island Badlands. At first, they find them very hard to beat because of their strength, but Killua discovers that their eyes are their weak points.[1]


A "Giant Cyclops" card (2011 anime version)

A "Giant Cyclops" card's designated number is 572. It is a rank-G card with a limit of 333. This card can be obtained by hitting a cyclops in the eye.[1]

Abilities & Powers

A Cyclops is a rank-G monster, meaning that he is not very strong, but their bodies are very strong and when they swing their giant clubs, it creates strong wind pressure. Except for the eye, which is their weak spot, they have very resilient bodies which nullified all of Gon's and Killua's attacks. According to the duo, taking an attack from the Cyclops would probably be lethal, although they were only at the beginning of their Nen training when they faced the creatures.[1]

Cyclops, in general, have only 2 attack patterns: they either swing down or sideways.[1]


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