drug (D²(ディーディー)゠ドラッグ()()()()()()()()(), DīDī doraggu) is a narcotic created and manufactured by Gyro in NGL. It has gained an infamous reputation in every nation in the world.[1]


82 - Bira Trees

Bira trees in NGL

D² is extracted from the substance of the Bira (ビラ, Bira) tree, which NGL holds 80% of this species of plant. The distribution of the drug is mostly through Gyro's henchmen. The effects of the drug are unknown.[1]

This drug developed by Gyro was only the beginning of his broader plan to disseminate evil throughout the world.[2]

After the Gyro's departure,[2] the NGL having fallen into the management of the International Peacekeeper Force and being designated as a nature reserve under the jurisdiction of the Hunter Association,[3] the production and distribution of the drug most likely stopped.


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