D² Manufacturing Plant was a narcotics factory of the dangerous drug .[1]


The manufacturing plant was created to mass produce the D² drug developed by Gyro to spread evil and ruin the lives of others.[2] The NGL was founded as an ingenious way to cover D² production, including the factory and the plantation of Bira (D²'s raw material). It is likely that only the NGL's leaders know about the manufacturing of this narcotic, while the residents living an environmentalist lifestyle were most likely ignorant of the situation.[1]


When the Chimera Ants invaded, they killed all members of the Gyro's cartel that were stationed in the factory, including Zaiqahal and Ikalgo.[3] Yunju accompanied by his two subordinative officers Mosquito and Centipede, claim the factory plant as their own and subjugate two humans as their dog-like pets.[1]


Chimera Ant arc

Gon, Killua, and Kite locate the plant and investigate it. Kite details the narcotic drug that's manufactured there is called D². Furthermore, he claims that only the leaders of the NGL were privy to the manufacturing of this narcotic, while the residents were ignorant of the fact.[1]

At that moment the group is confronted by the Squadron Leader Yunju and his two human-dogs Spot and Rover. Yunju first accidentally kills Spot, causing Gon to want to retaliate, though Kite stops him as Yunju's subordinative officers Mosquito and Centipede arrive at the scene and after Yunju kills his other human-dog Rover, he proclaims that he'll make the intruders his new pets. So Killua and Gon individually face off against Mosquito and Centipede[1] and win against them as does Kite when he faces off against Yunju.[4] Kite's Nen ability Crazy Slots briefly introduces itself and gives a succinct description of its capabilities. Before it could finish the description of its capabilities Kite vanquishes it and chides it as annoying. The trio of Hunters leave the compounding area and as they do, Kite compliments Gon and Killua's abilities as more useful than his.[5]

In a flashback, Welfin recalls the time he was killed by the Chimera Ants after they raided the manufacturing plant he was in.[6] Afterward, Ikalgo mentions to Welfin the Squadron Leader's original human name and that they were once comrades in arms against the Chimera Ants. He claims that the Chimera Ants are the true enemy, to the NGL.[3]

Translations around the World

Language Name
France Flag French Usine de D²


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