Da is one of the Heaven's Arena's Floor Masters. He only appears in Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission.[1]


Da's true appearance is unknown. He is a tall, muscled man whose face is always concealed by a gray gas mask with red lenses and three white tubes in correspondence to his mouth, the central one being larger. He is clad in a white cloak and a white turban. The lining of his cloak is mimetic, matching the soldier-like clothes (dark green coat and pants, green/gray plastic gloves and boots) worn underneath.


The Last MissionEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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Abilities & PowersEdit


Da's Battle Olympia magazine page

Not much is known about Da's abilities, but the fact that he was a Floor Master is proof enough of his power and proficiency in Nen. Still, he was defeated single-handedly by Jed's followers. A magazine held by Killua shows him knocking down an opponent with a double kick to the face, so it can be assumed he is skilled at hand-to-hand combat.

Magazine FinishersEdit

  • Flight (Hikou): Da is capable of hovering in the air.
  • Drop Kick (Doroppu Kikku): Da kicks the opponent in the face with both feet after jumping up.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic دا
France Flag French Ka


  1. Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission


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