The Dark Continent Expedition Team ((あん)(こく)(たい)(りく)(たん)(けん)(たい)()()(), Ankoku Tairiku Tanken-tai—lit. "Dark Continent Exploration Corps"*) is comprised of Beyond Netero's assembled team of Temp Hunters and mercenaries for the expedition towards the Dark Continent.[1]


The group's leader is Beyond Netero, who began to plan a second expedition to the Dark Continent around half a century before Cheadle became Chairman of the Hunter Association.[2] Pariston, his second in command, was instrumental in recruiting the necessary personnel[3] and enjoyed deputy power in Beyond's absence until Ging supplanted him. On the battlefield, however, Muherr's authority exceeds that of the team's No. 2.[4]

Aside from its leading figures, the team is estimated by Ging to be comprised of around 25 Temp Hunters,[3] to whom at least 11 mercenaries, the members of "Stone Wall" minus Golem, must be added.[4] Beyond offered 1.5 billion Jenny to those who will actually set foot on the Dark Continent and 200 million to the alternates.[3] Saiyu also seems to be an ally of the team, whose probable role, according to Kurapika, is to break Beyond free.[5]

The original patron of the expedition was Nasubi Hui Guo Rou;[1] however, it is unclear what relationship the group has to him after the Kakin Empire was co-opted into the V6 and Beyond signed a contract that forced him to cooperate with the Hunter Association.[3] What is certain is that Beyond plans to escape his confinement on the Black Whale and return to his team,[2] which would render the group an enemy of the original V5, if not also of Kakin.


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Beyond's Expedition Team
Leading Figures
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Temp Hunters
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Support Personnel
Stone Wall 1 DCE Portrait
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Mole Explorer Explorer Explorer


Beyond's First Journey

Beyond was one of the experts hired by the V5 in matters related to the Dark Continent. Against his father's advice, he insisted on taking unexplored routes[6] and personally participated in the expedition organized by Kukan'yu Kingdom to retrieve the alchemical plant Metallion, which resulted in him bringing back the Zobae Disease.[7] Due to the high number of victims, Isaac Netero made the Dark Continent taboo even for Hunters and personally forbade his son from venturing there again until his death[6] around fifty years before Cheadle became Chairman of the Hunter Association.[2]

Alliance with Pariston

When Pariston became a Hunter, he facilitated the admission into the Association of some of the specialists who had agreed to participate in Beyond's expedition. They thus became Temp Hunters and, to maintain balance within the organization, they hid their real abilities.[3] At some point, they also told Saiyu about their project and got him on board as a mole in the Zodiacs.[5] Beyond turned to Nasubi Hui Guo Rou to gather the necessary means to start the expedition without the V5's approval.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arc

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