Dorado (ドラド, Dorado) is a Heavens Arena's fighter and an anime-only character in the 1999 anime adaptation.[1]


Dorado is a red-skinned bald man with various tribal-like tattoos on his body.[1]


Heavens Arena arc


Dorado is Killua's first opponent on the 200th floor. His weapon is a double-headed spear. At the beginning of the match, Dorado gets the upper hand and is able to send Killua flying with some powerful blows. Killua retaliates by using his assassin techniques, defeating him in one hit and breaking his spear in the process.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Dorado's spear

Dorado's spear

Dorado is proficient at wielding a double-bladed spear. He is strong enough to block one of Killua's kicks from an unfavorable position. He managed to be a match for Killua until the latter used his full power and knocked him out him in one blow.[1]

Master Weapon Specialist: Dorado is extremely skilled with his double-bladed spear. He can block attacks coming from a blind spot without moving from his position, simply interposing the spear. Thanks to its blades, length, and his mastery, he briefly out powered Killua.[1]


Dorado is skilled in Conjuration and Transmutation. He combines them to extend the range of his blades and to release shock-waves powerful enough to shatter the ground when he swings them.[1]


  • Dorado's appearance is very similar to Darth Maul from Star Wars.
    • Both characters also use double-bladed weapons.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic دورادو


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