Drawbridge (lit. Castle Gate (城門(キャッスルゲート)), rom. Kyassuru Gēto) is a spell card found in the Greed Island game. It protects the caster against a single short-range regular spell used by another player.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Spell Card G.I Spell Card - Border
Name: Drawbridge 城門(キャッスルゲート) (Kyassuru Gēto)
Number: #1019
Rank: F
Transformation: 200
Class Short Range Spell
Defensive Spell
Anti-Attack Spell
Versus Spell
G.I Spell - ShortRange
G.I Spell - Defence
G.I Spell - Versus
Card Effect: Protect once against a short range regular spell from another player.
How to Obtain: (unknown)


It allows the caster to protect themselves against a single spell card cast by another player. It needs to be used before the player gets hit with the spell. After use the card is destroyed.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.1019 :: 城門(キャッスルゲート)


[Eng] No.1019 :: Drawbridge

Protects against a Short-Range Attack Spell from a player once.

Card FormsEdit