Duazul Hui Guo Rou (ドゥアズル=ホイコーロ, Duazuru Hoikōro) is the Second Queen of the Kakin Empire and second wife of Nasubi Hui Guo Rou. She gave him two daughters, Camilla and Tubeppa, and two sons, Luzurus and Halkenburg.[1]


Like her children, Queen Duazul has fair wavy hair and wears formal clothes. She always has a gentle look on her face.[2]


Despite being a mother to four Kakin princes, Queen Duazul has no preference on who wins the Succession War, rather choosing to abstain from taking part in it. According to Slakka, she is demure in every way.[2]


Succession Contest arc

Duazul refuses to partake in the Succession War

Prior to the start of the journey, Duazul has already sent her soldier, Slakka, to spy on the Third Prince Zhang Lei.[3]

Duazul dines with her daughter the Second Prince in her room, while the Prince discusses her plans to eliminate Prince Benjamin and Prince Halkenburg. A disheartened Duazul refuses to be involved, however, her daughter vehemently orders her to get involved and to get close to her younger brother. Unbeknownst to them, Benjamin's personal soldier Musse eavesdrops on their conversation.[2]

When her daughter Camilla insists on going to kill Prince Benjamin, Duazul convinces her daughter's guards to stay stationed and let her go.[4]

Duazul's Royal Guards

     Active/Alive     Deceased     Former/Arrested

 Royalty  Informants  Support 

Royal Family
2nd Queen
Duazul Hui Guo Rou SC Portrait.png
Duazul Hui Guo Rou
Queen Duazul's Royal Guards
Captain/Coordinator →3P→14P →6P Captain→7P →7P
Unseen Character Portrait.png
→7P →7P →7P →7P →8P
Unseen Character Portrait.png
→10P →11P →12P →13P →14P*
Unseen Character Portrait.png
Unseen Character Portrait.png
Unseen Character Portrait.png
Duazul's Royal Guard 3 SC Portrait.png
Legend of Symbols
Symbol Meaning Example Meaning
P prince 1P The 1st Prince.
Q queen 5Q The 5th Queen.
... sent by 1Q→ X is sent by the 1st Queen.
... sent to →14P X is sent to the 14th Prince.
...... reassigned to 2Q→14P X is reassigned by the 2nd Queen to the 14th Prince.
...... was assigned to one or more princes →8P→11P X was assigned to the 8th and 11th Princes.
in charge of a prince's curse 4P♰ The guard is in charge of the 4th Prince's curse.
formerly in charge of a prince's curse 12P♰ The guard is formerly in charge of the 12th Prince's curse.
* Information found in Togashi's notes from "Jump Ryu! Vol. 21" interview 1Q*→ The guard's affiliation is revealed in the notes.
Servant* The employee's position is revealed in the notes.
[name]* The employee's name is revealed in the notes.
? Placeholder
(might hold another position)
Captain? The employee might not be the captain or a personal guard.
? The employee might not be a personal guard.
2Q? The employee might have been sent by another queen.
(might have initially belonged to either Prince Momoze or Prince Marayam)
This particular issue arose when their mother Queen Sevanti sent all of Momoze's Hunters and servants to Marayam. Since we only got to see 4/5 of Momoze's Hunters and 2/3 of her servants by that time, we can't say for certain which prince the marked characters initially belonged to.


  • Every queen of Kakin has a numerical theme on their names which corresponds to their marital status. "Dua" means "two" in Indonesian and Malaysian languages.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic درويسل هوي غو رو
France Flag.png French Droisille Hoicoro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 두아즐 호이코오로 (Duajeul Hoikolo)


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