The East Gorteau Go Champion was, like his titular name, the Go Champion of the Republic of East Gorteau.[1]


He was tall, skinny, and had short black hair. He wore thin rimmed glasses, as well as a plain dress shirt and pants.[1]


Little is known about the East Gorteau Go Champion's personality, though he was understandably terrified of the King.[1]


Sometime in his life, he became the champion of Go in East Gorteau.[1]


Chimera Ant arc

In a severe state of panic and recalcitrance, the Go Champion is dragged into the throne room by Royal Guard Menthuthuyoupi. The Royal Guard Shaiapouf, calmly demands the man's silence, as he is in the presence of the King. The King then gives the Go Champion two choices, "Sit and play or die".[1]

The Go Champion plays and is left aghast how rapidly the King has mastered the game within ten games. So he gives an excuse that his prior loss was due to fatigue and believes that he's coming down with a fever and needs rest. The King allows him eight hours of rest and medicine, furthermore, he commands the Go Champion to rest as if his life depended on it. The Go Champion obsequiously obeys and languidly leaves the throne room.[2]

Later that day, after the King has a series of matches against the Gungi Champion, Menthuthuyupi reveals that the Go Champion had committed suicide and left behind a suicide letter.[2]


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