Egypersia[note 1] (エジプーシャ, Ejipūsha) is a country on an unknown continent.[1]


One of the items necessary for becoming a Nostrade bodyguard, was from a tomb in this country.[1]


Yorknew City arc

To meet the qualifications in becoming a Nostrade bodyguard, Basho retrieves a Mummified Right Arm from an Egypersian Tomb.[1]


  • Egypersia seems like a portmanteau of the Japanese words for Egypt (エジプト, Ejiputo) and Persia (ペルシャ, Perusha), and also a reference to these places.
  • In the 1999 anime adaptation (subtitled version) its name is transliterated as "Egypsha".

Translations around the World

Language Name
France Flag French Egypte


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  1. In the manga translation the name Egypersia is not mentioned directly, instead the word is presented as a gentilic—Egypersian.
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