There are different types of electronic devices in the Hunter × Hunter world.


Telephones range from classic wired telephones to touchscreen smartphones. They are used as a normal means of communication and for other functions.

A classic cell phone
Killua's cell phone
Kurapika's cell phone
Shalnark's nen 2.png
Shalnark using Black Voice through his cell phone
A classic wired telephone
53 - Zoldyck transmitter 2011.png
Beatle 07 2011 Anime.png
Beatle-07 owned by Gon, Killua, and Leorio
Gotoh - 140.png
Gotoh using a classic table phone
Leorio smartphone EP140 IMG.png
Leorio uses a touchscreen smartphone
Tumblr n9i19cqdbY1tpx4syo2 500.gif
Kurapika with a touchscreen smartphone
Killua with a touchscreen smartphone
Tserriednich uses his smartphone.png
Tserriednich with a line of smartphone at his disposal


A tablet is a mobile PC, typically with a mobile operating system and LCD touchscreen display processing circuitry, and a rechargeable battery in a single thin, flat package.

Along with smartphones, tablets are used by several characters throughout the series.

Killua watching Leorio's footage.png
Killua using a tablet in Episode 141 (2011)/Chapter 326


Computers have large variations, ranging from old models with cumbersome design to modern models with flat screen and compact CPU. laptops are also available everywhere in the world.

S-AHunterxHunter-49x264-vorbis603A2DACmkv snapshot 1225 20120705 180231.jpg
Killua uses an old model computer
Milluki - 138.png
Milluki uses the latest computer model at the time in which he wished to Alluka to get
Milluki checking computer.png
Vast flat-screen computers in Milluki's room
A computer screen is connected with the JoyStation Console
Nicole HxH 2011.jpg
Nicholas with a laptop
Hunter X Hunter - 41 - Large 01.jpg
Gon and Killua use a laptop in the internet cafe


Although never seen a fax is mentioned.[1]


Small compact radios are used in Yorknew City.[2]

Tape Deck

A tape deck, or tape recorder, is a device used alongside magnetic tapes to record, reproduce, or playback audio. The most noteworthy one in-universe is Gon's, who uses it to listen to his father's message.[3]

Gon and Killua - Ep 37.jpg
Gon and Killua listening to a tape in Episode 38 (2011)/Chapter 66


  • In Chapter 348, on the back of Tserriednich's smartphone it is possible to see a stylized apple with a malevolent expression. This is a reference to the real-life company, Apple Inc., founded by Steve Jobs.


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