Eliminate (排除(エリミネイト) (Elimination), rom. Eliminēto) is a spell card reserved for the Game Masters of Greed Island game. It allows the caster to remove any objects or individuals that entered the island illegally and send them to a random location on the Azian Continent.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Game Master Card G.I Master Card
Name: Eliminate 排除(エリミネイト) (Eliminēto)
Number: #-003
Rank: N/A
Transformation: N/A
Class: Long Range
Special Spell
G.I Spell - LongRange
G.I Spell - Special
Card Effect: Allows caster to transport any elements that illegally enter Greed Island to a random location of the Azian Continent.
How to Obtain: Only obtainable by a Game Master.


This is a "Ruler Only" card, designed to be used by the Game Masters. "Eliminate" banishes anything and anyone that has not entered the game through a console by teleporting them to a random location in the Azian Continent. Typically, this card is used by Razor.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.-003 :: 排除(エリミネイト)


[Eng] No.-003 :: Eliminate

Send everyone who trespasses on Greed Island through wrongful means somewhere on the Azian Continent.

Card FormsEdit


  • In Chapter 145, Razor used this card to "eliminate" the Phantom Troupe members who came to the island by sea.
  • The card's number seems to hint at the existence of other cards available only to Game Masters.
    • It is also the only known card with a negative number.
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