End Game (最終試験開始!, Saishū Shiken Kaishi!; lit. "The Final Test Begins!") is the 4th volume of the Hunter × Hunter manga series. It was released by Shueisha on February 4th, 1999 in Japanese and was released by Viz Media on September 6th, 2005 in English.



Gon is both terrified and exhilarated by the challenge of stealing a tag from Hisoka, undoubtedly the most dangerous of the other examinees. He trains for days, perfecting a technique to snatch a tag with his fishing pole's hook. Gon then finds and stalks Hisoka, and waits for him to attack someone so his movements become predictable and so his defenses are lowered. Gon performs his attack flawlessly, but as he escapes from the scene, he is felled by a tranquilizer dart from Geretta, who has been stalking Gon in the same manner and has his tags stolen. Hisoka soon appears before Gon, holding Geretta's head and gives Gon his tags back, complimenting him on the superb fishing pole technique. Humiliated at having to accept charity, Gon he seeks out Kurapika and Leorio after he recovers from the tranquilizer, helping them to obtain their target tags. At the end of the week allotted for the fourth exam, nine examinees remain.

The final exam is an elimination tournament, with a twist. The winners are removed from the tournament and the losers given more chances. The only person without a win the tournament fails the Hunter exam and all other examinees are given Hunter Licenses. The matches themselves are also unique. They can only be won by forcing the opponent to admit defeat. Beating the opponent unconscious will not win a match, and any examinee that kills their opponent automatically becomes the sole loser.

The first round is between Gon and Hanzo. Although Gon is initially optimistic, he quickly finds Hanzo's skills dwarf his own. Through merciless beatings and broken bones, Gon refuses to admit defeat. Even threats of death do not faze him. In the end, Hanzo realizes he cannot win. He knocks Gon unconscious and surrenders. One day later, Gon wakes up and finds he is officially a Hunter, but who is the sole loser?


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