Exploration × Guts × Stowaway (探検×スポ根×密航者, Tanken × Supokon × Mikkousha) is the 11th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on January 8th, 2000.


41 examinees are left, flying towards the next stage on a blimp. Anita, a girl who failed the earlier phase, sneaks aboard to get revenge on Killua for the death of her father. The Hunter Association captures her and Chairman Netero offers to free her if Gon and Killua can take a ball from him.


The examinees get to ride the airship towards the site for the next phase. They are set to arrive at their destination at 8 am the next day, which gives them free time. Kurapika and Leorio uses this time to sleep, while Gon and Killua explore the ship. Meanwhile, the examiners discuss their opinion about the examinees.

Episode 11

Killua telling Gon about his family

Gon and Killua finish exploring the ship and decide to take a rest by the window. The night view of the city from above catches Gon's attention, which makes Killua tell him about his family of assassins. Gon believes him, which Killua finds surprising. Just then Killua senses someone watching them, but when he tries to catch the person, he only finds an earring. The two then proceed to the airship's cafe to drink tea.


Anita attacks Killua

Meanwhile, Menchi gets a call that a disqualified applicant has snuck into the airship. This stowaway, named Anita has a grudge against the Zoldyck Family, for one of its members is sent to kill her father, a trader who managed a spice mine. She attacks Killua, a member of the said family, but is stopped by Chairman Netero and takes her away.


Chairman Netero with the ball

Killua walks away, but Gon follows him and insists that he wants to know Killua more despite him pushing Gon away. Just then the Chairman appears. Gon asks him about Anita, to which the Chairman replies that she will be severely punished and might not be allowed to take the Exam again. Gon asks him not to forbid her from taking the exam again, and the Chairman agrees on the condition that Gon and Killua would win against him in a game. Moreover, the Chairman offers to give both of them a Hunter License once they win. The game is to get the ball from the Chairman. The game ends once they reach their destination. Killua goes first, and soon realizes that the old man is faster than he looks. And so he uses a technique unique only to assassins in order to try and get the ball from the Chairman.

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