Good Boy? × Bad Boy? × Killua (良い子?×悪い子?×キルア, Ii ko? × Warui ko? × Kirua) is the 12th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on January 15th, 2000.


Killua quits the game because his killer instincts begin to surface. Anita escapes her handlers and attacks Killua, who comes close to killing Anita, but lets her live because of Gon. He never gets the ball, but makes Netero use his left leg and both hands, considering it a win.


Killua's trick does not work, and neither do the rest of his attempts to get the ball from Chairman Netero. He switches with Gon, but he does not get the ball from the old man either. Killua tries again, but still does not succeed. The Chairman then suggests that Gon and Killua team up, and they do so. This time, they almost outwit the Chairman because he underestimates Gon, but the old man still manages not to lose the ball. 


Gon outwits Chairman Netero

Suddenly Killua gives up and leaves the room, but Gon stays to try to finish the game. Anita tells Gon that he has no chance against the old man, for the Chairman barely uses his right hand and left leg yet still manages to move at a great speed. However, Gon insists on playing the game, saying he'll make the Chairman use his right hand. This irritates Anita and leaves the room, telling she'll go back to her cell, but actually she just follows after Killua.


Killua tries to kill Anita

Meanwhile, Killua's killer instincts are starting to take over again. He is confused also because Gon says he wants to know him more. He mumbles to himself, which wakes up an examinee and tells him to shut up. Killua then kills the man. Anita sees this and attacks him, accusing Killua as her father’s killer. Killua almost kills Anita when he remembers that Gon is still trying to win against the Chairman in order to lift the charge against the girl, and killing Anita would make Gon mad. In the end, Gon is able to get the Chairman to use his right hand and left leg, and so he celebrates as if he has won. Gon falls asleep afterwards, so the Chairman asks for the pilot to fly a little slower in order to give Gon a rest. The charges pressed on Anita are lifted off too.


Anita's earring

As they reach their destination, Killua returns Anita’s earring and tells her the truth about her father. A few moments later, Beans explains that Phase Three will take place at the top of Trick Tower, where they currently are, and that they have to get to the bottom of the tower within 72 hours.

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