Anger × And × Light (イカリ×ト×ヒカリ, Ikari × To × Hikari) is the 131st episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It aired on May 28th, 2014.


Neferpitou challenges Gon Freecss to the final battle. In his rage of Kite's death, Gon undergoes into a powerful transformation that leaves Neferpitou at the disadvantage. When Killua arrives at the scene, there is nothing left but a transformed Gon, and Neferpitou's corpse moving due to his devotion to the King.


131 - Killua destroys Pouf's clone

Killua crushes Shaiapouf's clone

Following Shaiapouf's lie to Neferpitou that Komugi has been recovered, one of Shaiapouf's clones appears before Palm and Killua. The clone tells them that Gon will be killed by Neferpitou if Komugi is not recovered from them. Killua's eyes darken at this statement and he crushes the clone instantly. Shaiapouf's main body reacts at the attack from somewhere in the palace. Killua leaves Komugi in Palm's hands as he uses his Godspeed Nen ability to run after Gon.

Adult Gon Anime

Gon's transformation

In Peijin, Neferpitou's Doctor Blythe finishes healing the broken left arm. After testing her arm, Neferpitou turns to Gon and prepares for a fight. Gon, however, is devastated to learn that Kite is actually dead, and calls Neferpitou a liar. A great surge of dark aura surrounds him, catching Neferpitou off-guard and wondering about the immense power. The room darkens further, and Gon begins to transform into a tall and dark figure. Neferpitou is overwhelmed with confusion, and regards the power similar to the Chimera Ant King. As the transformation still takes place, Neferpitou summons her Terpsichora ability and instantly goes for the kill. However, Gon vanishes from the room. Neferpitou perceives that Gon could be going after the King and so she runs outside, only to find a newly-transformed Gon at the doorway. Standing tall and muscular, the new Gon challenges Neferpitou to a fight outside the building, as he does not want it to be destroyed. Back in the dark room, Kite's corpse lies motionless and deserted.

131 - Gon kicks Pitou

Gon kicks Neferpitou

Neferpitou follows Gon outside the building, and she concludes that Gon forced his body to mature at the point that he can defeat the Royal Guard. As he follows behind, Neferpitou leaps toward Gon in another attempt to kill him, but Gon evades all of Neferpitou's attacks. Gon kicks Neferpitou on the abdomen and sends her flying to the air. Then, Gon proceeds to his Jajanken stance, summoning great power as Neferpitou descends. At point-blank range, Gon punches Neferpitou on the face and the Royal Guard crashes against the trees and boulders. Neferpitou's face is shattered from the impact and renders her indisposed on the ground.

Meanwhile, Killua arrives in the forest. From afar, he witnesses the power, wondering to whom it belonged to. He later arrives to find Gon kneeling beside the corpse of Neferpitou, continuously pounding on the shattered head. With Jajanken, Gon delivers the final blow on Neferpitou. Gon stands up and tells Kite that he has finished the job as expected. Killua calls out for Gon, who turned around and is revealed to be crying. He is immediately reminded of Biscuit's ability to change forms, but Killua realizes that Gon's transformation is different.

131 - Gon Final Jajanken

Gon's final Jajanken

From behind them, Neferpitou's Terpsichora activates and manipulates the lifeless body of Neferpitou. Killua reacts from the movement and rushes to save Gon, but Neferpitou's body moves faster and rips off Gon's right arm. Neferpitou's great devotion to the King allowed her Terpsichora ability to move her corpse, utilizing it as a puppet and chasing its prey. In that moment, Gon reassures Killua that his injury does not hurt at all. Neferpitou's body leaps again, and Gon punches the neck. Then, Gon grabs his torn right arm and slams it against Neferpitou's chest. He prepares to use another Jajanken, a stronger one, until Killua calls out his name. In a fleeting moment, Gon snaps out of his rage, but a powerful explosion comes shortly, destroying the whole forest.

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