Pro × Con × Trap (賛成×反対×落とし穴, Sansei × Hantai × Otoshiana) is the 13th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on January 20th, 2000.


The objective of the third phase is to get down from Trick Tower alive. The group teams with Tonpa and they must win 3 out of 5 matches against tower prisoners. Tonpa takes the first match with a hardened criminal and promptly gives up. He doesn't want to be a Hunter and just likes watching others fail.


Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio try to think of a way to get down from the top of the tower. One examinee, who is a rock climber, tries to climb down the tower, but gets captured by large flying creatures. Kurapika suggests that there might be a door that could lead them down to a lower level of the tower. Seeing that the other examinees seem to have the same idea, the four spread out to find a door.

Gon and Killua soon find a door and call for Leorio and Kurapika. They discover that a door has a self-lock function once a person already used it. Luckily, Gon is able to find more than enough doors for them, which are close to each other. They picked their doors and bid farewell, thinking that they would be separated from each other from there on. However, once they jump down the door, they find out it all lead down to the same room.


The timer

Gon sees a table with five timers. It turns out that they have to take the ‘Path of Majority Rules’ to get out of the tower. They cannot start until there are five of them in the room, so they wait until Tonpa arrives from the top of the tower. A wall opens once Tonpa wears his timer and they start on their way out of the tower. Right from the start, Tonpa tries to sabotage the four by choosing an opposite option from them.


The five prisoners

Soon they reach a battlefield, where five prisoners are waiting for them on the other side. They have to fight the prisoners in one-on-one matches, where they have to win three out of five matches to pass through. The prisoners are hired by Lippo, the jailer and the examiner for Phase Three, to stall the applicants from reaching the bottom of the tower. For each hour they stall the applicants, their prison years will be reduced. The first one to fight from the prisoners is Bendot, a muscular robber and murderer. Meanwhile, Tonpa volunteers to fight first from Gon’s team.

When both fighters get to the battlefield, Bendot suggests a death match, to which Tonpa readily agrees. In the end, Tonpa loses to him by admitting defeat. They then proceed with the next match with Sedokan and Gon as the second fighters.

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