Candles × Policy × Dispute (ローソク×ポリシー×なかまわ割れ, Rooson × Polishii × Nakamawa ware) is the 14th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on January 29th, 2000.


Gon faces Sedokan, to see whose candle can burn longest. Gon's candle burns quickly, but because it isn't susceptible to the wind, Gon puts it on the floor and blows out Sedokan's candle. Kurapika begins a death match with Majitani, but refuses to kill him after seeing a tattoo and knocks the criminal unconscious.



Sedokan's trick candles

For the next match, Sedokan, a serial bomber, shows two candles to Gon. Both of them should hold one candle, and the one whose candle goes out first loses. He then reveals the full appearance of the candles. One of these is short, and the other is long. He lets the group choose by majority rules. Kurapika tells Gon that they would go for his decision, and so Gon chooses the long candle.


Gon's candle

They light the candles at the same time. It does not take long before Gon's candle starts to burn fast, while Sedokan's does not. Gon's candle becomes shorter than Sedokan's, and because it's too hot to hold, Gon drops it to the ground. However, the fire is still burning so strong, which gives Gon the idea that it would not be put out so easily, unlike Sedokan's. So he runs over to where Sedokan is standing and blows his candle. Kurapika goes to the battlefield for the next match, where he will fight Majtani, a con artist. He tries to scare off Kurapika with the nineteen heart tattoos on his chest indicating the people he has killed. He then proposes a deathmatch and threatens the blonde, saying that he will not stop beating him even after he surrenders. Kurapika agrees to the condition, which surprises Majitani. 


Kurapika punches Majitani

Majtani attacks with his right arm, which is made of steel, but Kurapika easily dodges it. Majtani then shows Kurapika his spider tattoo, and starts to talk about the Phantom Troupe. Seeing the spider is enough to make Kurapika angry and turn his eyes scarlet. Majtani freezes in fear and Kurapika punches him so hard that Majtani passes out. Kurapika tells Majtani to remember 3 things:

  1. A genuine Phantom Troupe tattoo has the member's number inscribed on the spider tattoo's back.
  2. They have murdered so many people that it would be impossible to count.
  3. Do not ever mention the Phantom Troupe again to Kurapika again or he will kill Majtani.

After which, Bendot says that the match is not over, for it is a deathmatch, and Majtani is just unconscious. Kurapika, meanwhile, does not want to continue beating up Majtani. This causes Leorio to get desperate and raise a discussion in the group. In the end, Leorio gets angry and sulks in a corner.

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