Fleeting × Life × Majitani (はかない×いのち×マジタニ, Hakanai × Inochi × Majitani) is the 15th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on February 5th, 2000.


Majtani feigns unconsciousness to run out the clock. Leorio and Leroute bet on whether he's faking. Leorio leans Majtani over a long drop, and Majtani wakes up. He concedes the match to Kurapika, but the group loses a large chunk of their time because of the bet.


It has been a few hours of waiting for Majtani to regain consciousness. Alas, Leorio steps up and offers to check if Majtani is still alive. However, Bendot proposes a bet on whether Majtani is still alive or not, using their time as chips.

Hisoka dodges the blades

Meanwhile, Hisoka walks through the tower when another examinee challenges him to a fight. This examinee holds a grudge against Hisoka, who gave him the scars on his face. He attacks him by throwing four blades at him at the same time. Although he manages to cut through Hisoka's shoulder, he gets killed by Hisoka in the end. He continues on his way and eventually reaches the bottom of the tower first. Back at the battlefield, Bendot further explains the mechanics of their betting. If Leorio accepts the challenge, Bendot would let him check if Majtani is still alive. Leorio does, and bets on ten hours that Majtani is still alive. He and Bendot come over to the battlefield, and Leorio finds out that Majtani still has a pulse.

Leorio about to drop Majtani

Leorio continues to check Majtani's eye and then proceeds to choose a topic for their next bet, which is betting whether Majtani is really unconscious or not. Bendot bets on twenty hours that Majtani is really unconscious, and then asks how Leorio could confirm it. Leorio then picks up Majtani and stops by the edge of the battlefield and threatens to drop Majtani. Bendot agrees, but then bets forty hours that Majtani will wake up. When Leorio is about to let go of him, Majtani wakes up and runs back to the prisoner's side. Gon's group won the match, yet they lost forty hours. For the next match, Leorio volunteers to fight, while a girl from the prisoners' side steps up to be his opponent. She then proposes that they continue betting for their match.

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