Explosion × Of × Deception (ダマシアイ×ノ×トリアイ, Damashiai × No × Toriai) is the 15th episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on January 15th, 2012.


Gon is able to perfect his technique to steal Hisoka's tag. He waits for days until the right time has come.


Gon at last perfects his technique for snagging Hisoka's badge. He notices that his hands are drenched in blood and blistered from practicing for two days straight. The scent of blood attracts Hemotropic Butterflies. Gon then recalls seeing Hisoka wounded on his shoulder from Trick Tower. He takes advantage of this by using the Hemotropic butterflies to lead him to Hisoka's location.

Gon hiding from Hisoka

Gon finds Hisoka and sits quietly in bushes to hide his presence, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Meanwhile, Leorio has a run in with Tonpa. Tonpa is collaborating with Sommy to steal badges, however, Kurapika halts Tonpa and they proceed to tie him up and leave him on a random rock with a sign behind him reading "Please do not feed!!!" They soon catch Sommy and his pet monkey too. Leorio receives his badge back and Kurapika takes Tonpa's badge, having a total of six points to clear the fourth phase.

Goz challenges Hisoka

At the break of dawn, Hisoka senses someone nearby in the bushes and he proceeds to walk towards them. Gon thinks that Hisoka notices him, but it turns out to be Goz. Goz challenges Hisoka to a duel, allowing Gon an opportunity to strike while Hisoka is attacking his prey. Goz relentlessly attacks with his spear while Hisoka dodges effortlessly. Goz collapses from a fatal wound he received before confronting Hisoka. Hisoka knows Goz wanted to die in battle, but even so, he still refuses to fight him, because in Hisoka's eyes Goz's already dead. Goz enraged bolts towards Hisoka, but out of nowhere, he's struck down by Gittarackur's needles, instantly killing him.

Gittarackur's face changing

Gittarackur removes the pins from his face, morphing into another one, and is revealed to be a comrade of Hisoka. He gives Hisoka another's badge, and having six points of his own to pass the fourth phase, he digs a hole and decides to sleep on it until the final day. On the evening of the second day, Hisoka begins to search for his target and comes across Leorio and Kurapika.

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