Three People? × Five People? × Last Choice (3人?×5人?×最後の選択, Sannin? × Gonin? × Saigo no sentaku) is the 17th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on February 19th, 2000.


The last test to get out of the tower has two paths: one is too long and the other will only allow three of the five to enter. Leorio and Tonpa start fighting to see who will stay, when Gon thinks outside the box. They choose the longer path, destroy the wall between the paths with axes provided so they could fight, and all five make it.


The group of GonKilluaKurapikaLeorio, and Tonpa are sent to a room where they have to spend the fifty hours they lost in the bet. Once fifty hours is over, they continue on their way using the majority rule, with only nine hours left. Tonpa, of course, has been constantly trying to sabotage the group by pressing the opposite button from the four.


Gon destroys the wall

Alas, they reach a room full of weapons and two doors marked with an X and an O. The first door leads to a long and difficult path that all five of them can take. Meanwhile, the second door leads to a short path that only three persons could go through. It would only open once two persons are handcuffed to the wall. However, the long path will take forty-five hours to reach the exit, while the second path will take them to the exit in about three minutes.


Gon's group reach the bottom of Trick Tower

They then argue about who will be left out, especially Leorio and Tonpa. After much discussion, Tonpa decides to handcuff himself to the wall, but Killua and Kurapika see through his real plan. Tonpa attacks with an ax, aiming at Leorio first. Leorio dodges, making Tonpa's ax crash onto the floor. This gives Gon an idea, and so he stops the two from fighting.

They all choose the long and difficult path, and Gon proceeds to destroy the wall with an ax to get to the other side, which is the short path. The rest of his companions take turns helping, and they succeed crashing through the wall. With only three minutes left, they all reach the bottom of Trick Tower just in time. The examiner for Phase Three, Lippo, then introduces himself and tells the examinees that they will be riding an airship leading them to the site of the next test.

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