Treasure × Memory × Cramped Hotel Room (お宝×思い出×ホテルの小部屋, Otakara × Omoide × Hoteru no kobeya) is the 18th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on February 26th, 2000.


The successful examinees are taken to an island hotel. In order to pay for rooms, they collect treasure from sunken ships. Kurapika explains to Leorio that everyone from his clan was killed by the Phantom Troupe for their eyes. When a member of the Kurta Clan dies with their emotions ablaze, their eyes become scarlet, which are treated as treasures.


The examinees ride the airship that leads them to a crescent-shaped island full of shipwrecks. They land on an abandoned warship that has been turned into a hotel. An old couple, Banner and Genner, welcome the examinees and tell them that they have received a message from the Hunter Committee to let them rest until the next phase, which will begin in three days. However, they have to pay in advance for their rooms, which cost 10 million Jenny Currency Symbol each. Having no money to pay a price like that, the examinees are offered an alternative payment method, which is to find treasure among the shipwrecks surrounding them. The type of their room will be according to the value of the treasures they are able to find. And so they set out to find valuable treasure among the sunken ships.


A Kurta clan ship

As Kurapika finds a treasure for himself, he sees a familiar ship, which happens to be a ship of the Kurta Clan. Inside, he finds a legendary Golden Kurta Pendant, which gives protection to anyone who wears it. Kurapika presents it to the couple, however it's not that valuable. However, Kurapika says that he does not intend to exchange it for money, but instead wants to know about the ship he has found. But Genner says he has nothing to tell him about it. The old man gives back the pendant to Kurapika, as well as a key to his given room.


Legendary Golden Pendant of the Kurta clan

As all the examinees finally got a room, they each attend to their own business. Some examinees exchange rooms with the others because they either don't like their given room or their roommate. One of these is Leorio, who exchanged rooms with Hanzo, Kurapika's roommate. Kurapika, meanwhile, goes back to the ship to burn it along with the pendant, in memory of his clan, the Kurta. Leorio follows him, and so Kurapika explains the Scarlet Eyes of the Kurta to him. 

By nightfall, the examinees settle to rest for the day. However, in the middle of the night, they wake up to find that the airship that is their only means of departure is already leaving, along with the old couple. 

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