Stranded × Log Book × Soaked (バラバラ×日誌×水びたし, Barabara × Nisshi × Mizubitashi) is the 19th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on March 4th, 2000.


The examinees are stranded on the island. They head to another island, but die when a storm hits. Hanzo and Kurapika sense danger and are elected leaders of the people who stay. They learn of a storm that comes daily and will submerge the island, so they have one day to escape.


Morning comes and the examinees continue waiting for the airship to come back. Hanzo tells them that the managers left all the treasure in their room and they discuss whether this is a part of the Exam. Ponzu then calls for them to come to the radio room, where Pokkle is checking for radio signals. The radio is still working, but they cannot pick up any signal because they are in the middle of nowhere. Gon starts to hear something, but then dismisses it. Hanzo then proposes that they search the ship for clues. 

Leorio finds compasses that are equal to the number of examinees; Hanzo finds measuring tools; and Kurapika finds a map to Zevil Island. This stirs up the other examinees to go to the island, especially when Geretta tells them the drinking water is low. Hanzo believes in Kurapika's idea of being cautious, so he tries to talk some sense into the other examinees while Gon, Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika continue to search the ship.


Kurapika checks the logbook

After some time, Leorio manages to convince some examinees to cooperate with them and choose a leader. Thus, they choose Hanzo, while Kurapika will be second in command. Meanwhile, Gon and Killua find the ship's logbook, which they show to Kurapika. It contains information about Zevil Island. However, Ponzu and Pokkle report from the radio room that there is a change in the atmospheric pressure. They look out the window and notice that the atmosphere is distorted. As Kurapika checks the logbook again, they find out that there is a phenomenon that happens once every ten years, which will occur that night.


The storm has begun

A waterspout and a whirlpool has emerged and the examinees on ships to get to Zevil Island are being pulled in. Kurapika stops Gon from saving them, but once he sees Geretta being pulled in as well, Gon suddenly jumps into the sea to rescue him. Killua, Hanzo, and two other examinees, ride a boat to go after Gon. Gon uses his fishing rod for Killua to tie to a rope. In the end, they all come back safely because the rest of the examinees pull them back up to the battleship. The strong storm calms down later, but then Kurapika warns them about a second storm twenty four hours away, which will wipe out everything they see.  

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