Baffling × Turn Of × Events (キケン×ナ×バンケン, Fukakai × Na × Tenkai) is the 20th episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on February 19th, 2012.


Killua kills Bodoro because of mind control which immediately disqualifies him from the exam. Meanwhile, Gon confronts Illumi.



Satotz congratulates Gon

Gon awakes from sleep with Satotz sitting beside his bed. Satotz congratulates Gon on passing the Hunter Exam through a handshake, but Gon is not content on the results and declines. Satotz explains to him that he already passed the exam and can no longer fail. He presents the Hunter License, adding that whatever he wants to do with it, it's up to him and his decision. After hearing this explanation, Gon accepts the Hunter License and finally shakes Satotz's hand.

The two keep chatting. Satotz tells Gon that the exam is over and tells him that the one who failed was Killua. Gon is eager to know the cause of Killua's failure, and Satotz tells him about all the matches held after his fight with Hanzo. After revealing the applicants who passed and how each match unfolded, Satotz tells Gon what happened in the match between Killua and Gittarackur. Learning that Gittarackur is actually his older brother, Illumi, Killua was shocked as Illumi told him he's not fit to be a Hunter, but an assassin. Killua told his brother that he doesn't care about having a license and that he just wants to be friends with Gon. Illumi continued lecturing his brother, but Leorio reminded Killua that he just needs to beat his brother just like the other opponent he fought and adds that Gon is already his friend.

Gon throws Illumi

Gon confronts Illumi

Upon hearing that, Illumi intended to kill Gon for he will only be a hindrance to Killua on his path to become a full-time assassin. Illumi then walked toward the exit to go to the room where Gon was resting but Hanzo, Kurapika, and Leorio stood up in front of the door to stop Illumi. Illumi realized that if he killed Gon, he would fail the exam. So instead, he would have to pass the exam first and then kill Gon. He approached his brother Killua and asked if he wanted to continue the match. Killua surrendered in fear of his brother and the situation of his friend. After Illumi won, he told him that he was just lying about killing Gon.

Afterwards, the match of Bodoro and Leorio took place. Killua suddenly appeared behind Bodoro and killed him, resulting in his disqualification and failure of the exam. Knowing this, Gon goes to the place where the others are having brief lessons about being a Hunter and confronts Illumi.

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