Fourth Phase × Forty-Four × Number of Death (第4次×44×死のナンバー, Daiyonji × Yonjūyon × Shi no Nambā) is the 21st episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on March 18th, 2000.


The fourth phase is a manhunt on Zevil Island. Each examinee must collect 6 points; their badge is worth 3, their target's is worth 3, and any other badge is worth 1. Gon's target is Hisoka, so he practices catching birds with his fishing pole to prepare. He realizes he must attack Hisoka when Hisoka attacks a target. Gon learns this by watching birds catching fish from the water.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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The story starts off with each person grabbing a certain number that they need to protect from their target. Gon and Killua discuss their targets, but Gon's target turns out to be Hisoka. The teams later arrive at an island and are given a certain amount of time to steal their opponents badge. Gon decides to hang back and watch his fellow competitors steal each other's badges, but doesn't realize that another competitor is after his badge in hiding. Gon decides that he needs to have a target practice that moves. After testing apples with his fishing pole Gon realizes that the apples don't move since Hisoka will be moving. Gon decides to head for the river and decides to use the apples for catching a fish. He then witnesses a bird swooping in on it's prey. Gon realizes that this strategy is perfect for moving prey. Gon attempts this strategy several times and succeeds while his opponent lies in wait behind a tree.

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