Found × Hide × Caught Up (見つけた×かくれた×追いついた, Mitsuketa × Kakureta × Oitsuita) is the 22nd episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It aired on March 25th, 2000.


Gon stalks Hisoka, and watches Hisoka's friend transform into his real appearance. Hisoka decides to hunt other participants for two more points. He meets Kurapika and Leorio, but lets them go after Kurapika makes a deal. They make Hisoka excited and his blood lust heightens. Gon is scared, but keeps watch.


Gon surrounded by Hemotrophic Butterflies

Gon is surrounded by Hemotropic Butterflies

After finishing his training, Gon is surrounded by Hemotropic Butterflies on his wounds which he receives during his training. He starts searching for Hisoka with the help of the Hemotropic butterflies.

Leorio caught Sommy

Leorio caught Sommy

Meanwhile on the other part of the island, Leorio is being confronted by Tonpa who is having a stomachache and needs the help of Leorio. Leorio refuses to help him because of his reputation, but after hearing Tonpa's stomach growl, he is convinced that this time he is telling the truth. After getting information on his target from Tonpa, he is about to give him the medicine, Leorio is ambush through his back by Sommy and steals his badge, he and Tonpa are in cahoots as they exchange targets in order to trick Leorio. They start running as Tonpa is being pursued by Leorio.

Kurapika appears in front of Tonpa and kicks him in the face. Kurapika then teams up with Leorio. Meanwhile after helping a wounded applicant, Gon finally finds Hisoka's location and waits for his target to move, Kurapika on the other hand along with Leorio have managed to capture Sommy and had been able to retrieve Leorio's badge and Kurapika takes his target's badge which is Tonpa and accumulates six points total. A scene where Hisoka finally stands up to confront one of the applicants who challenge him to a fight.

Hisoka versus Gozu

Hisoka versus Goz

However even though Goz keeps attacking him, Hisoka is not attacking, telling him that he is badly wounded and has no interest in fighting him for he is already dead, Goz tells about his clan, and begs Hisoka to fight him, however Hisoka goes back and sits again showing him that he is not interested even hearing his story, Goz then charges to attack Hisoka but he gets killed by Gittarackur. As evening comes Gon still waits for his target and finally, Hisoka decides to move out and hunt some badges as he spots his first victims which is Leorio and Kurapika.

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