A × Dangerous × Watchdog (キケン×ナ×バンケン, Kiken × Na × Banken) is the 22nd episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on March 11th, 2012.


Gon, Kurapika and Leorio arrive at Kukuroo Mountain and are welcomed by its servants and watchdog.


Testing gato

The Testing Gate

The party arrives at the Republic of Padokea where Killua and his family lives. The three gather information, and ride a tour bus. While traveling, Coco Loo describes Kukuroo Mountain and comments it's the home of Zoldyck Family. Upon arriving at the front gate, which is also known as the "Gate to Hades", Coco informs them that in order to enter they must pass through the small door besides the security checkpoint, adding that for all the people who entered, none came out alive. Hearing this, two punks taunt the guard who hands them the key and they enter through the small door, claiming they'll get a reward for taking pictures of the Zoldycks. Not long after, a huge furry hand throws their corpses outside the wall. All the tourists and Coco run in terror except for Gon, Kurapika and Leorio who are introduced to Zebro.

Leorio Regrets Not Taking Picture

Leorio regrets not taking Killua's picture

They learn that a beast named Mike kills intruders who enter beyond the gate, and only follows orders from the Zoldyck Family. Zebro refuses to give the key to them to abstain them from getting killed by Mike. Because of Kurapika, the group learns that Zebro isn't really a guard, but a cleaner of Mike's messes and the real entrance is the Huge Gate, also known as the testing gate and entering through this gate will avoid Mike from attacking them.

Zebro attempts to open the Testing Gate

Zebro attempting to open the Testing Gate

Leorio tries to open the gate with all his strength, but fails. After Leorio, Zebro demonstrates his strength and opens the first door that weighs two tons. Gon realizing he doesn't have the strength to open the door insists on borrowing the key from Zebro even though Kurapika and Leorio warn him against doing so. He won't listen, so Zebro speaks to one of the butlers by phone and lets Gon speak to him, but the butler refuses to believe them and hangs up the phone. Frustrated, Gon decides to climb the door using his Fishing Rod. His friends try to stop him, but Gon is too stubborn and won't give up. Zebro steps in once again and decides to accompany the three inside the huge door.

Upon entering through the door, Zebro calls on Mike. Seeing Mike's appearance the three seem powerless and scared. In spite of that, Gon insists on meeting Killua and having Zebro guide the way.

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