The × Guard's × Duty (バンニン×ノ×セキニン, Ban'nin × No × Sakinin) is the 23rd episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on March 18th, 2012.


After successfully opening the Testing Gate on their own, Gon, Kurapika and Leorio continue their way to find Killua, but then are stopped by another servant.


Killua tortured 3

Killua being tortured

With the help of Zebro, Gon and his friends successfully opened the Testing Gate. They are then taken to the servant's quarters to stay there for a while. They meet Seaquant, a servant of the Zoldyck Family. After receiving insults from Seaquant, they are more determined to open the Testing Gate using their own strength. Zebro states that it will be possible with a little training. They agree to train and immediately start training. To their surprise, everything is weighed down an incredible amount of pounds, even an ordinary cup. Meanwhile, Kikyo and Kalluto visit Killua in his cell while he is being tortured by Milluki. His mother informs him that his friends are trying to open the gates, and is convinced that they will fail at opening the gate, while Killua says otherwise.

Kurapika and leorio train

Kurapika and Leorio train hard

After days of hard training, Gon, Kurapika and Leorio successfully opened the Testing Gate. Zebro points towards the mountain which is the way to the mansion, and they head towards it. While walking, the three are stopped by a girl named Canary, the butlers' apprentice. She draws a line across the way, and if any of them cross it, she will beat them up. Gon makes countless tries, but to no avail. Canary wonders why he lets himself get beaten like that. Gon says to Canary that he just wants to see Killua. Canary is finally convinced after hearing Gon and as she pleads him to help Killua she is knocked out by Killua's mother, who was watching from the bushes with Kalluto. She thinks Canary has insulted the entire Zoldyck family. Kikyo then sees Gon and instantly recognizes him as Illumi told her about him. She delivers a message from Killua, telling them that he can't see them right now.

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  • Kurapika and Leorio didn't try to open the Testing Gate at the same time. Instead, both Gon and Kurapika managed to open one gate each, while Leorio even managed to open two.
  • Kikyo and Kalluto Zoldyck didn't appear before Kikyo knocked Canary in the manga. But Kalluto was seen hiding in the bushes before his mother shows up.
  • There was also an added scene where Kikyo and Kalluto went to Killua to inform him about his friends.
  • When Kikyo knocked Canary out, the projectile came from the tip of her fan. This was not seen in the manga.


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