Arrival × At × The Arena (トウギジョウ×ニ×トウジョウ, Tōgijō × Ni × Tōjō) is the 27th episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on April 15th, 2012.


Having finally arrived at Heavens Arena, Gon and Killua begin to quickly rise up the floors of the arena. During that time, they meet a young fighter named Zushi along with his master, Wing, and during Killua's fight with Zushi, after sensing a mysterious aura from Zushi, Gon and Killua are introduced to Nen.


Gon and Killua arrive at Heavens Arena

Reaching their destination, the Heavens Arena, Gon and Killua register for the tournament to earn money while training at the same time. In only a week, both reach the 100th floor of the tower. Gon does so by only using one push per match, while Killua only uses one chop, per match; this later gains them more respect from the commentators and audiences alike. Killua tells Gon that he competed at Heavens Arena when he was six years old. It took him two years to reach the 200th floor. He earned around Jenny Symbol 2011.svg200,000,000 at that time, but he only spent it on snacks. Gon can't comprehend that many snacks in his mind.

They met another young fighter named Zushi, who is under the supervision of his master, Wing. Zushi proves himself to be a good fighter, but he is only on the 50th floor. Killua and Zushi's names are called to fight one another, and Killua confidently declares victory since Zushi can't even touch him. However, Zushi refuses to give up. He releases an aura, which reminds Killua of his brother Illumi. Wing shouts at Zushi, which quickly stops Zushi from using Nen.

Killua strikes Zushi during fight

After the fight, Killua overheard Zushi's conversation with Wing. The boy apologizes, stating he only did that because his opponent was so strong. He goes back to Gon and wonders what technique they are talking about. Gon suggests asking Zushi himself. Zushi tries to explain, but Gon and Killua do not understand a thing. Wing approaches them and agrees to teach Gon and Killua a technique called Nen.

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