A × Surprising × Win (ドッキリ×ナ×ショウリ, Dokkiri × Na × Shōri) is the 32nd episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on May 20th, 2012.


Hisoka and Kastro's match concludes. A new character named Machi from the Phantom Troupe appears. Gon and Killua ponder how Hisoka won his match. Hisoka reveals a secret.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Hisoka Mentally Cornering Kastro

Hisoka mentally cornering Kastro

Hisoka starts a magic show in front of Kastro and the audience during their fight. Kastro being mocked attacks Hisoka and cuts his other arm off, but Hisoka continues his show. Kastro attacks again, but Hisoka already controls the battle and hits Kastro with his flying arm that leaves his opponent stunned. Kastro is unable to move, bewildered and confused at how Hisoka is able to do all these things. Hisoka releases his sharp cards into several parts of his opponent's body and instantly kills Kastro.

Machi About Heal Hisoka's Arms

Machi about to heal Hisoka's arms

A pink-haired woman named Machi appears and repairs Hisoka's arms by using her Nen ability that consists of needles and threads. Hisoka and Machi discuss the battle with Kastro; she begins to explain the tricks that Hisoka used in an inner monologue on how he won the match. When Machi is about to leave, she informs Hisoka that all the Phantom Troupe members will gather at Yorknew City on August 30th at noon. Meanwhile, Killua enters Gon's room to discuss Hisoka's match against Kastro, telling him that it was amazing, but still wonders how Hisoka won and encourages Gon to learn more about Nen. During a shower, Hisoka removes a tattoo that shows a spider with a number 4 on his back, from his Nen ability called Texture Surprise.

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  • Machi mentions that Hisoka used Zetsu to conceal his aura, but this is incorrect: he was actually using In.


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