An × Empty × Threat (ケイハク×ナ×キョウハク, Keihaku × Na × Kyōhaku) is the 33rd episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on May 27th, 2012.


Gon is healed from his wounds and begins training with Zushi and Killua. They learn Gyo, another ability of Nen. Sadaso, Gido, and Riehlvelt kidnap Zushi to force Gon and Killua's hand. Killua is able to scare Sadaso out of town.


Zushi Gyo 2011

Zushi uses Gyo

Two months have passed since Gon's match with Gido, and Gon has kept his promise to not train with Nen in that time. Wing tells him and Killua that they will start training with Zushi. Wing tells the three to practice Ren and learns Gyo, a technique that focuses the aura in one's eyes, allowing one to see hidden Nen. Zushi is able to execute Gyo in front of everybody, but quickly gets tired. Wing tells both Gon and Killua to learn Gyo before fighting again.

The three practice in Gon's room. When they leave, they run into Sadaso, Gido, and Riehlvelt, who try forcing them to fight against them. After Zushi parts ways from Gon and Killua, Sadaso ambushes him with his "Aura Arm", and takes one of Zushi's shoes. Gido and Riehlvelt also arrive. Luckily, Killua followed Zushi and got there just in time to stop Sadaso. He agrees to fight, and promises he'll let the three of them win. He adds that they better leave Gon alone, and not to go against their word. Meanwhile, Gido calls Gon and tells him to open the door. It reveals Zushi's stolen shoe, which implies that they're going to harm Zushi. Gon, being worried about Zushi's situation, agrees to Gido's conditions.

Sadaso threatened by Killua 2011

Sadaso threatened by Killua

The next day, Gon and Killua learn to use Gyo. Killua is also able to work out Hisoka's abilities by using Gyo, which amazes everybody. Wing permits Gon and Killua to fight. Killua is walking outside when he hears a man selling tickets to Gon and Gido's newest match. Killua becomes furious that Sadaso's group broke their deal so soon after making it and infiltrates Sadaso's room and threatens him. Killua scares and warns Sadaso that the next time he shows his face, he will kill him. The next day their match comes and Killua easily wins when Sadaso doesn't show up. Sadaso contacts Gido and Riehlvelt to warn them not to mess with Gon and Killua because they're very dangerous.

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Episode Notes

  • The promise thread that Wing gave to Gon would have snapped if he had used Nen, and does so when he uses Ten again for the first time in two months.
  • Hisoka uses "In", a Nen technique used so that his enemies don't see his aura.
  • Sadaso has only one arm and he is known as the "Newbie Hunter".
  • Killua and Gon have learned "Gyo".


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