The × True × Pass (セイカク×ナ×ゴウカク, Seikaku × Na × Gōkaku) is the 35th episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on June 17th, 2012.


Gon, Killua, and Zushi learn what Nen category they belong to. Gon has obtained Hisoka's consent to fight him, so he continues to train hard in Nen to prepare. Their match begins with an already exciting outcome.


Types of aura 2011

The 6 types of aura

After Hisoka agrees to fight him, Gon continues to train very hard in Nen along with Killua and Zushi. Wing teaches them about Hatsu and explains the six types of aura: Enhancement, Transmutation, Conjuration, Emission, Manipulation, and Specialization; as well as the importance of knowing the type one is born into and the compatibility they have with each other. He uses Kastro, Hisoka, and Gido as examples. Hisoka is able to turn his aura into a rubber-like substance, which indicates that he's a Transmuter. Gido uses his aura to increase the spinning and concussive force of the tops he uses to a great effect, which is an Enhancer ability. However, to manipulate so many objects requires the skill of a Manipulator, which is incompatible with the Enhancement category, thus negating the effectiveness of his attack. Kastro's Tiger Bite Fist was very effective and was most likely in the Enhancement category as well. However, he made the decision to create a doppelganger, which is a Conjurer ability, and required the skill of a Manipulator to control it. Neither category is compatible with Enhancement. As a result, Kastro squandered his talent in Nen ability. Next, he introduces the Water Divination, a specific and one of the easiest ways to know which type of aura a Nen user has.

Learning by Water Divination

Water Divination

Wing demonstrates how to do it, and they find out which category they fall into. Gon makes the water overflow, which means he belongs in the Enhancement category; Killua makes the water taste sweet, putting him in the Transmutation category; Zushi makes the leaf move on top of the water, meaning he is in Manipulation. The three continue to train hard after a few weeks. When Gon believes he's ready, he sets a schedule for his fight with Hisoka. Wing announces that Gon has passed the secret Hunter Exam.

The master of shingen-ryu

Netero, the master of Shingen-ryu

Gon asks if any of his friends passed and Wing tells him that Kurapika and Hanzo have already passed, while Pokkle is still struggling with Ren and Leorio is studying for his medical exam. Wing also explains that learning Nen is part of being a Hunter in order to be strong and fight criminals. He also comments that Netero is the head of his school of Nen. He then encourages Killua to take the Hunter Exam next year, because Killua is more than qualified to become a Hunter.

Hisoka flagstone

Hisoka dodging pieces of the flagstone

On July 10th, Gon's match with Hisoka takes place. The stadium is crowded with supporters and the two fighters are ready in the arena. Gon runs towards Hisoka and tries to attack him, but Hisoka is able to dodge and block every single one of his attacks without moving from his place. When Hisoka boasts that he himself hasn't moved since the beginning of the match, Gon becomes more determined. He shows his power and agility by grabbing and yanking a flagstone and throwing it in front of Hisoka. Gon shatters the stone, startling Hisoka, but he punches the rubble away. Gon disappears from Hisoka's sight and is able to sneak from behind, allowing him to finally deliver a solid punch straight to Hisoka's face.

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  • In YuYu Hakusho, Yusuke used a tactic where he shattered part of the ground in the face of Sensui to impede his vision followed by an attack. Gon used a very similar tactic in this episode.


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