Coin Toss × Reunion × Change of Clothes (コイン×再会×おめしかえ, Koin × Saikai × Omeshikae) is the 36th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on August 8th, 2000.


Canary and Gon's group arrive at the Butlers' Quarters and are greeted by Gotoh. He plays a game with them with deadly stakes. It turns out this was just to entertain them until Killua arrives. He does and they all leave. At the airport, the group splits up, but they all agree to meet in six months in Yorknew City.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Canary introduces Gon, Kurapika and Leorio to Gotoh, the head butler of the Zoldyck Family. Gon asks to see Killua, but before he can, Gotoh tells him they must pass a test before.
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Canary threatened

It involves picking which hand is holding a coin. With Gon's incredible eye sight, even injured he's able to pick the right hand. If he gets it wrong however, Canary could be killed. Later as the rounds get faster, Gon cuts his swollen eye open so he can see with both eyes. The last round, with Leorio and Kurapika out, Gotoh uses two others to move around the coin.

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Gotoh's coin game

Gotoh asks which of the three has the coin and Gon correctly answers neither: it's the man behind him. Gon and co. wins and Killua comes in the room and says hi to everyone. Killua doesn't want anyone to follow them on their trip, and tells Gotoh to tell his mother this. Killua and Gon spend the night talking to each other and have a good time. The next morning, Kurapika tells the others that Hisoka said he'd be in Yorknew City. Leorio will study to be a doctor. They all agree to meet in Yorknew in September and go their separate ways.

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