Defend × And × Attack (マモル×ト×セメル, Mamoru × To × Semeru) is the 42nd episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on August 5th, 2012.


Gon and Killua meet up with Leorio and try to make some money. The Phantom Troupe moves out. Meanwhile, Kurapika and Melody have an intimate chat while on guard.


Gon and Killua visit the Yorknew City market. Gon decides to buy a new cellphone and they run into Leorio. As the three reunite, the group chats about Nen and later tells Leorio about the game Greed Island. They gather some information about increasing their funds and Leorio has an idea about a certain way called "Bind".

The Nostrade Bodyguards

The Nostrade Bodyguards assemble

The Nostrade bodyguards have been assigned to their positions regarding the auction that will be held tonight. Dalzollene gives further information about where the auction will take place. Three guards will attend the auction, the other two will guard the back entrance, while Kurapika and Melody will guard the front.

Gon armwrestling

Gon arm wrestling with a challenger

Leorio, Gon, and Killua invite people off the street to participate in their event where people can challenge Gon in an arm-wrestling contest and if they win they can obtain a diamond worth 3 million Jenny Symbol 2011. Night comes and Gon continues to win when suddenly a girl, challenges Gon. The match is intense and Gon wins, but uses his full strength in order to beat her who later is seen talking to other members of the Phantom Troupe. The auction is about to begin as Kurapika and Melody stand at their positions. Kurapika wonders if the Troupe will ever show up. This catches Melody's attention as she hears the same sound of rage in his heart the moment she saw Kurapika leaving the Hunter agency. She mentions the Scarlet Eyes and Kurapika, learning that he cannot lie to her, finally tells everything about himself and the Scarlet Eyes.

Melody and Kurapika - Ep 42

Kurapika and Melody guarding the auction

He tells Melody he plans to find all the eyes taken from his comrades and return them. Kurapika then asks Melody why she took the same job as him. The Dark Sonata, which is believed to be composed by the devil itself, befalls whoever plays it or hears it, causing disaster upon them. Kurapika is skeptical, so Melody shows him her arm, which has been mutated and shredded. After only hearing the flute version from a friend for a moment, her body turned into the way Kurapika sees it now. Her friend died, completely decimated, but in exchange, Melody obtained the ability to hear the sounds of a person's heart. She wants to restore her body, find the complete Sonata and destroy it so that no other person will suffer the same tragedy. Meanwhile, the underground auction is about to start.

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