Buildup × To A × Fierce Battle (ゲキセン×ノ×フクセン, Gekisen × No × Fukusen) is the 44th episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on August 19th, 2012.


The Shadow Beasts take on Uvogin. Kurapika alone makes a move against the Phantom Troupe.


Uvogin punches worm

Uvogin punches Worm in the face

The Shadow Beasts attempt to attack Uvogin, while the other members of the Phantom Troupe sit around while playing cards. Worm is the first to attack, punching Uvogin in the face, but receives an even greater punch back. In a hurry to get away and immobilize Uvogin, Worm squirms underground and attempts to pull Uvogin under with him. To free himself from Worm's grip, Uvogin uses his Big Bang Impact, blasting a huge crater into the ground and critically injuring Worm. He then attempts to punch Porcupine, only to have Porcupine's "needling body hairs" stick through his hand. Uvo attempts to free himself from Porcupine but is unable to do so.

Shadow beats wiped out

Porcupine knocked out from Uvogin's screaming

Meanwhile, Rabid Dog takes multiple swipes at Uvogin with his fangs, biting off pieces of Uvogin's flesh and injecting poison into his bloodstream. Uvogin eventually collapses from this poison, allowing Leech to enter the battle. Leech fills Uvogin's body with Spotted Leeches that he has stored within his body. Uvogin then bites off half Leech's head, killing him. In a bullet-like fashion, Uvogin spits a piece of Leech's skull into Rabid Dog's head, killing him as well. To get Porcupine off of him, Uvogin screams extremely loudly, knocking Porcupine out (perhaps killing him). Filled with poison and leeches, Uvogin asks Shizuku if she can remove them both. However, she can only use Blinky to vacuum nonliving things. For this reason, she is able to remove the poison, but not the leeches.

Kurapika uses his chain on capturing Uvogin

Kurapika uses his chain to capture Uvogin

With the Shadow Beasts down, Kurapika, with his eyes burning scarlet, tries to move in. He is stopped by Dalzollene, but somewhat hostilely resists. Melody stops the two's feudings by playing a song on her flute, calming everyone surrounding her. Although now appearing calm, Kurapika tells the group that he still must go after Uvogin. Using his Chain Jail, Kurapika pulls Uvogin out from the crater and takes off with the rest of the Nostrade Family by car. While in the car, Uvogin attempts to speak but is quickly silenced by the agitated Kurapika. Kurapika mentally goes over the self-imposed limits of his abilities while driving Uvogin to the hotel.

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