Bid × And × Haste (セリ×ト×アセリ, Seri × To × Aseri) is the 59th episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired on December 16th, 2012.


Kurapika awakes after passing out while Killua and Gon go to the auction for Greed Island. After being rejected by Tsezguerra, the two start training to create a Nen ability before the deadline of the screening.


Gon accidentally bids

Gon accidentally bids

Kurapika finally awakes after two whole days and learns about what happened after he passed out. At the auction when Greed Island is introduced, people start bidding, but a man named Battera wins the bid by beating the other bidders including Milluki. Right after the auction, Gon and Killua approached Battera and volunteered to play Greed Island as Battera is hiring professional Hunters to play it. Battera declines their offer for a certain matter, but he begins having an interest when Gon and Killua mention the memory card and the ring they have from Ging. Battera asks Tsezguerra to examine the Ren level of the two, which they completely fail because their Nen isn't enough to survive the game. Tsezguerra is already an experienced player of Greed Island and knows the dangers of playing.

Gon chats with Kurapika

Gon and Kurapika chat

While the two exit, Phinks and Feitan steal a copy of Greed Island then bring it to their hideout where they both enter the game. Meanwhile, Gon and Killua plan to strengthen their Nen and start creating their Nen abilities. Killua starts his training while Gon is still clueless on what he will do. They both try to think of cool-sounding powers, but Gon is drawing a blank. In the middle of thinking, Kurapika enters Gon's room and tells Gon about his training. He suggests Gon ask his Nen master about how to train.

Gon calls Wing and asks him about special abilities. Wing tells him that Enhancers don't need to have special abilities for they are the most balanced in both offense and defense. Mastering Ren and Ten are enough to be called special abilities in themselves. Gon states that he doesn't have time because of the deadline, but Wing reminds him that he will be disappointed if he goes the path of Kurapika. Wing motivates him and Gon begs his master for a hint.

Killua transmuting electricity

Killua's Nen ability

Gon starts his training, and although at first he struggles, he realizes all the training and fighting he did in the past has accumulated in making him stronger. When using Gyo, he is able to see his Nen and condense it to form a physical mass of power on his fist. However, the Nen explodes, knocking him down. Gon becomes excited nonetheless about the thought of his new ability. Meanwhile, Killua has increased his electrical power, which started as a spark, into a very powerful technique.

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