Trauma × Limit × Sweet Trap (トラウマ×限界×甘いワナ, Torauma × Genkai × Amai wana) is the 7th episode of the original Hunter × Hunter anime. It first aired on November 27th, 1999.


Tonpa has placed Leorio and another examinee named Nicholas near a hallucinogenic sap. In a dream state, Leorio explains that he wants to be a Hunter for money to become a doctor who doesn't charge his patients. Meanwhile, Gon and Killua bond. At the end of the first stage, a man appears to accuse the examiner of being a fake.


As the exam continues Gon and Kurapika find Tonpa lying on the ground. They ask what happened, and Tonpa replies that there is a trap inside the tunnel where Leorio is. But actually, Tonpa is tricking them to fall into the trap as well.

Ep 7a

Leorio hallucinating

Inside the tunnel, Nicholas and Leorio start to see hallucinations. Nicholas passes out for a brief moment, while Leorio follows an illusionary shadow he calls Pietro, an old friend of his who died because of illness. In the illusion, he enters a room where he sees Pietro in his deathbed. However, he could still hear Pietro's voice talking to him, asking him to cure him. Meanwhile, as Gon and Kurapika continue searching for Leorio, Kurapika gets affected by the sweet scent surrounding the tunnel, which causes the illusions. Gon then carries Kurapika on his shoulders since he was unable to move. Tonpa, on the other hand, is running to catch up with the other examinees when he sees Killua, who threatens to kill him. Killua then follows after Gon. When he arrives, Killua kicks the blonde to make him snap out of the illusion. Killua then explains that the sweet scent surrounding the tunnel is from the sap of the Illusion Tree.

Ep 7c

Killua kicks Kurapika

Meanwhile, Leorio is still stuck in an illusion. It turns out that Pietro died because there is not enough money for his operation. Leorio wants to become a Hunter so that he could pay for the expenses involved to be a doctor and then cure sick people like his friend. But Pietro discourages him and asks Leorio to just come with him. Leorio apologizes, telling Pietro that he does not want to die without trying anything. In the end, Pietro encourages him to become a fine doctor.

Ep 7i

Satotz, the examiner of the Hunter Exam's Phase One

Just then, an explosion snaps Leorio out of his hallucination for Gon, Kurapika, and Killua have destroyed the sap-covered walls. The four of them then uses the same technique to catch up with the rest of the examinees. They soon reach the exit and stand before the Milsy Wetlands, also known as "Swindler's Swamp". Satotz warns them about the various creatures inhabiting it. Just then, a man appears carrying a creature in a cloth. He claims to be the real examiner, which causes confusion among the examinees.

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