Eta (イータ, Īta) is one of the game masters and creators of the game Greed Island. She is also Elena's twin sister,[1] one of the other creators of the game. Eta is in charge on the reception of incoming players in Greed Island, her main role being to explain the basic rules of the game. She monitors everyone that goes to the island, from players to intruders.[2]


Eta's 2011 anime adaptation design

Eta's 1999 anime adaptation design

Eta's manga appearance

Eta is a young woman with a slim figure, big azure eyes, and long, silver hair parted in two ponytails by a helmet. She wears a black, sleeveless robe decorated with eye motifs: one right below her collarbone, one in the middle of her chest, and one on the upper part of her abdomen. Each of them has an azure clear and a blue pupil without iris.

In the 1999 anime adaptation, she looks slightly taller and older. Her hair is brown, her eyes green, her dress purple with yellow and blue eyes.


Eta has shown to be very professional and acts almost machine-like when elaborating the rules of Greed Island.[1]


Greed Island arc

Eta explains the game to Gon

Eta appears before Gon after he enters the Greed Island game. She greets Gon and after learning Gon's identity, relays a message left by his father. She then explains to Gon a long and detailed explanation about how to play and beat the game. Finishing her explanation, Eta allows Gon to enter the game but admits her explanation earlier was the bare minimum knowledge about the game and he'll have to figure everything else out himself, and wishes him good luck.[1] When the Phantom Troupe ride a boat to Greed Island, Eta detects them.[2]

Upon Killua's return to Greed Island after completing the 288th Hunter Exam, he's greeted by Eta. She asks Killua if he'd like an explanation of the game again, but he declines.[3] The moment Gon collects all 99 Imposed Slot Cards, Eta holds a 100 question trivia game, open to all of the Greed Island players, with the prize being the final Imposed Slot Card, the "Ruler's Blessing".[4] At the end of the Trivia Game, Eta announces the winner with a score of 87/100 points, Gon![5] It's revealed by the Greed Island creator List, that the name of the game Greed Island is derived from the first letter of all of the G.I. Game Masters, Eta and her twin sister Elena make the two Es in "Greed".[6]

Abilities & Powers

Eta's Nen ability is unknown, but she is able to conjure swords and turn them to cards while explaining the game mechanics. Whether this is her ability or not has yet to be revealed. She was able to detect the Phantom Troupe when they tried to enter Greed Island by boat, although, due to the vastness of the island, it is highly unlikely she used En.


  • In the Crunchyroll's translation of the 2011 anime, the character's name is "Eeta".

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic إيتا
France Flag.png French Eather
Russia Flag.png Russian И'та


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