Face-Off (対決, Taiketsu) is the 16th volume of the Hunter × Hunter manga series. It was released by Shueisha on February 4th, 2003 in Japanese and released in English by Viz Media on September 4th, 2007.



Gon, Killua, and Biscuit, in their quest to collect all 99 specified slot cards to win Greed Island, begin contacting other players in order to trade information regarding the remaining cards. But the Bomber, Genthru’s team, are nearing completion of the game. In order to prevent Genthru from winning, the teams realize a need for one team to gain a monopoly on the only card in the game that no one has yet acquired—“Plot of Beach”. Another player’s alliance is formed in order to obtain the card, this time with the inclusion of Gon’s team. The players travel to the town of Soufrabi, wherein they’re told of fifteen pirates who took over the town led by Razor—an ex-convict and acquaintance of Ging.

The alliance has to beat the pirates in competitive sports and win eight games to force them out of Soufrabi, but the majority of the players are useless. Gon’s team decides to leave the player’s alliance and come back with a group of stronger competitors to win Razor’s challenge. During the search for companions, Gon’s team finds out that Hisoka is participating in the game and meet up with him. Killua comes to realize that his true motive for being in Greed Island is to find a Nen exorcist that can remove Kurapika’s curse upon Chrollo Lucilfer, and it is also revealed that Greed Island is taking place within the real world. Gon’s team subsequently bands together with Hisoka, Tsezguerra’s team, and a Hunter named Goreinu, thereafter heading back to Soufrabi in order to defeat Razor in a deadly game of dodgeball.


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