Famule (ファムール, Famūru)[1] is one of Queen Duazul's personal soldiers that's assigned to Prince Luzurus Hui Guo Rou.[2]


Famule has long and thin eyebrows, a rumple nose, and short perm like hair. As a Royal Bodyguard, he wears a black suit and a tie.[2]


Not much is known about Famule's personality but he was notably disconcerted when "Shikaku" committed suicide outside Prince Luzurus' door.[2]


Succession Contest arc

In Room 1007 (Luzurus' private quarters), Prince Luzurus watches TV and close by is Prince Benjamin's personal soldier Kanjidol, Famule and Bharate sit across from Ridge and Basho on separate sofas until Basho notes the strange rumbling sensation again coming from Prince Halkenburg's room. Immediately the doorbell rings and it's "Shikaku" who yells, "Long live Prince Benjamin!" and then shoots himself in the head. Basho inquires what happened and Famule, armed with his pistol, answers that a gunshot came from outside the corridor and believes it came from the solider. Famule and the other bodyguards then search and examine the area.[2]

Famule is briefly mentioned in an elaboration of Kanjidol to Prince Benjamin and his superior Sergeant Balsamilco and afterward Kanjidol cogitates Famule being the only one in his line of view and as one of the people in the room when Shikaku's suicide took place.[1]


  • In the Viz translation of Chapter 389, his name is written as both "Famule" and "Famour".


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