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"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Let us do without formal greeting... You all die now."

— Feitan at the Underground Auction, in "September 1st: Part 2"

Feitan Portor (フェイタン゠ポートオ, Feitan Pōtoo) is member #2 of the Phantom Troupe.[4] His physical strength ranked fifth among the group.[5] After defeating Zazan, Feitan became the de facto leader of the Troupe until Chrollo's return.[1][6]


Feitan's 2011 anime adaptation design

Feitan's 1999 anime adaptation design

Feitan's manga appearance

Feitan is short, lean, and muscular. He has black, mid-length hair, grey eyes, and a pale complexion. He wears dark, baggy clothes and a bandana sporting the trademark skull crest over his mouth. Feitan's spider tattoo has yet to be revealed.

In the 1999 anime adaptation, Feitan has dark blue hair and golden eyes.


Feitan speaking in his inverted language

Very proficient in the art of torture, Feitan is the Phantom Troupe's interrogator.[7][5] His speech usually consists of few words and poor grammar; when angered, he speaks a language of unknown origin, different from the common language of the world.[1][note 1]

Although he is very loyal to Chrollo, Feitan prioritizes the survival of the Troupe itself.[8] He is implied to be deeply involved with all Troupe activities, remembering exactly how long it had been since all the group’s members had gathered together, what had changed since then, and who the new members were.[9]

Feitan and Shalnark teasing Phinks

Although he occasionally clashes with them, Feitan seems to get along well with the other members. He is particularly close to Phinks, with whom he partners during missions and competes to see who can get more kills. Some subtle moments also suggest that Feitan has a good friendship with Shalnark: he once assured Shalnark that Uvogin would not be killed so easily,[5] and the two were seen celebrating together after the Troupe’s successful plan at the auction.[10] He also seems to trust Shalnark's judgment, as he conceded on letting Gon and Killua leave after they were first captured, but only after Shalnark determined that it would be fine to do so. Feitan also displays a humorous side, shown when he and Shalnark tease Phinks after their respective battles against the Chimera Ants, with Feitan wearing an uncharacteristic expression on his face the whole time.[1]

Feitan threatening to torture Gon

As the Troupe's interrogator, Feitan once remarked that he felt "most sorry" for his victim,[7] indicating that he showed some signs of sympathy. Nevertheless, he is a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain, having planned to start his torture of Gon by ripping off his fingernails.[11] Another instance of Feitan's sadism was his maniacal laughter and mocking directed at Zazan while she was dying.


Feitan in his youth

Not much is known about Feitan’s past except that he is a founding member of the Troupe,[12] all of whom hail from Meteor City, a junkyard city inhabited by outcasts of the world. People who live there do not exist in any official records, and the existence of the city itself is known to very few people.[13] He presumably took part in the massacre of the Kurta Clan.[14]

At one point, he nearly killed multiple Troupe members when he released his Pain Packer ability while they attempted to watch.[1]


Yorknew City arc

Feitan and three other Troupe members making their way to Yorknew City

On August 31st, Feitan is seen with Franklin, Nobunaga, and Machi as they walk through the Gordeau Desert to Yorknew City. When Nobunaga asks how long it’s been since the entire Troupe has gathered together, Feitan quickly replies with three years and two months, adding that members #4 and #8 have been replaced. When Hisoka is mentioned, Feitan says that he doesn’t like him and wonders why Chrollo allows him to do as he pleases. After Nobunaga praises Hisoka’s ability and strength, Feitan tells him to apologize for implying that Chrollo is afraid of Hisoka. Feitan and Machi quickly move out of the way when Nobunaga and Franklin clash over their disagreement about Hisoka. Machi wonders what Chrollo is planning, and as the two talk about items to steal, Feitan mentions that the auction will have the world's most dangerous and expensive game. After all the Troupe members meet inside an abandoned building, Chrollo tells Feitan and the others that they are going to steal all the items at the Underground Auction.[9]

Feitan and Franklin taking over the auction

The following evening, Feitan roams the city streets with Franklin and Shizuku. After she loses to Gon in arm-wrestling, he chides her for being too weak and asks why she didn’t use her dominant arm. When she insists on trying again, he reminds her of their current job and that they will take what they want from the auction.[15] Wearing suits and bowties, Feitan and Franklin infiltrate the auction hall and take the stage as the Mafia members wait in their seats. After Feitan welcomes them and then announces that they will all die, Franklin begins to massacre the crowd with his Double Machine Gun. Once all the attendees are dead, Feitan laments that he didn’t have anything to do. As Shizuku cleans up the scene, Feitan notices one of the Mafia members still alive on the floor. He assures them that the Mafia will track down and torture their families, but Franklin quickly kills the man as Feitan mockingly asks him what family is.[16]

After the Spiders see that the auction vault is empty, Feitan tortures the auctioneer for information until he dies, learning that one of the Shadow Beasts named Owl entered the vault and somehow moved all the items after leaving empty-handed. As the Troupe members make their escape in a hot-air balloon, Chrollo instructs them to cause a big commotion to draw out the other Shadow Beasts.[7] After dozens of Mafia members track them to the Gordeau Desert and shoot down their balloon, Feitan assures Shizuku that she won’t have to clean up the massacre. Uvogin takes them on by himself while the other Spiders comment on the difference in strength. After Uvogin kills the Mafia members, Feitan tells the other Troupe members that four Shadow Beasts have arrived.[17] Like the other Spiders, he covers his ears in time to avoid being deafened when Uvogin kills Porcupine with his scream.[18]

Feitan preparing to fight the Shadow Beasts

After Uvogin is captured by Kurapika, Feitan, Shalnark, Machi, Shizuku, and Nobunaga steal a car and chase the abductors. They come within sight of their vehicle, but Owl drops on their hood and shrinks the car with his Fun Fun Cloth. The Spiders manage to avoid the attack, except for Nobunaga, which Feitan attributes to his bad position. Five more Shadow Beasts arrive, which causes Feitan and Shizuku to consider that the person who captured Uvogin with chains isn’t a Shadow Beast. Stating they only need to ask them, Feitan readies for combat.[19] The Spiders kill the Shadow Beasts and learn that Uvogin was taken by the Nostrade Family. While the others go rescue him,[20] Feitan returns to the hideout with the captured Owl, torturing him and successfully retrieving the auction items. Later that night, as Feitan sits reading a book beside the tortured Owl, Shalnark asks him if Uvogin has returned. Feitan says that he hasn’t but assures him that Uvogin wouldn’t die so easily. However, Chrollo points out that Uvogin would have been vulnerable against the chain user, telling the others that if Uvogin doesn’t return by dawn, they will change their plans.[5]

Feitan arguing with Nobunaga

On September 3rd, Feitan is at the hideout when Nobunaga, Machi, Phinks, and Pakunoda return with the captured Gon and Killua. He recognizes Gon as the boy Shizuku arm-wrestled previously and warns Franklin that trying to make her remember something she has forgotten is pointless.[21] After losing repeatedly to Nobunaga in arm-wrestling, Gon furiously turns the tables on him, causing Feitan to quickly restrain him. He asks Gon if he knows the chain user, and when Gon says that he already told him, Feitan prepares to torture him. However, he is stopped by Nobunaga, and the two argue begin to argue as they both activate their Ren. The others remind them that there’s no actual fighting within the Troupe, and they flip a coin to settle the dispute. Losing the toss, Feitan begrudgingly releases Gon. He then teases him and Killua when the Spiders are in favor of allowing the two boys to leave. When Nobunaga insists on them staying so that Gon can join the Troupe, Feitan says that Chrollo would never accept it. With the other Spiders except for Chrollo and Nobunaga, he then attends a meeting where Shalnark presents their new course of action against the Nostrade Family in order to find the chain user.[11]

Feitan relaying Chrollo’s orders to Phinks

Feitan teams up with Phinks and tells him that Chrollo said to come to the Cemetery Building and unleash hell. As Phinks kills one of the Mafia members and asks where the other members are, Feitan replies that they are heading there and dispatching any guards as well. He also mentions that Chrollo wants them to make a big show of the massacre. Feitan and other members quickly massacre police and more than 2,000 Mafia members.[22][23] After the deaths of the Ten Dons,[24] they use Kortopi’s ability to fake the deaths of several Troupe members (including Feitan)[10] and to create copies of the auction items, selling the fakes at the rescheduled auction.[24] Afterwards, Feitan celebrates the triumph with the rest of the Troupe back at their hideout.[10]

On September 4th, Chrollo decides that it's time for the Troupe to leave the city, but Nobunaga insists that they go after the chain user.[13] Knowing that Nobunaga won't stop his vendetta against Kurapika, Chrollo uses his newly-stolen ability to write out fortunes for him and the other Troupe members.[14] Feitan and Pakunoda realize that the chain user must be a survivor of the Kurta Clan. In addition to Kortopi,[25] Feitan and Phinks are unable to have their fortunes told because Feitan doesn't know his birthday and Phinks doesn't know his blood type.[3] Hisoka uses his Texture Surprise to alter his fortune, ultimately convincing Chrollo to stay in Yorknew.[26] Later, they discover that the chain user is at the Hotel Beitacle thanks to Kortopi tracking the copied Scarlet Eyes they sold to the Nostrade Family the night before. Feitan's group remains at the hideout with Hisoka, Franklin, and Bonolenov while the others head to the hotel.[27]

Feitan trying to eavesdrop on Pakunoda’s conversation

In Pakunoda's flashback remembering the formation of the Troupe in Meteor City, Feitan can be seen among the founding members listening to Chrollo's speech about the importance of the Spider.[12] After Chrollo is abducted by Kurapika, Feitan, Phinks, and Shalnark join the others in the hotel’s lobby. Feitan confronts Nobunaga about what he perceives as inaction until Nobunaga explains why they did not pursue the chain user. He then tries to eavesdrop when Kurapika contacts them, but after Pakunoda holds up the phone and Feitan hears that only Pakunoda is allowed to hear the details, he begrudgingly walks away. She is ordered to go to Lingon Airport alone while the other Spiders are to return to the hideout. Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark intend to go after her, against Nobunaga, Shizuku, and Machi’s wishes. Feitan tells Nobunaga that his way of thinking is an insult to the Spiders since even Chrollo would agree that the group itself should take priority. The Spiders are split into two groups, and the tension rises to the point where Nobunaga is ready to fight for the sake of Pakunoda and Chrollo. Shizuku defuses the situation by knocking Nobunaga unconscious. Kurapika calls them again to inform them that he has a way of knowing where they are and repeats his order, which the Spiders finally agree to follow.[8]

Feitan and Phinks confronting Pakunoda, Machi, and Kortopi

Feitan and the others return to the hideout, taking the captured Gon and Killua with them.[28][29] When Pakunoda returns and insists on bringing Gon and Killua with her to exchange hostages with the chain user, Phinks and Feitan prepare to fight her, Machi, and Kortopi, all of whom Feitan believes are being manipulated by the chain user. When Gon breaks free from his restraints in a fit of anger, Feitan prepares to confront him, but is stopped by Phinks. Franklin speaks up and convinces the others to follow the chain user’s orders for the time being and to allow Pakunoda to leave with the two boys, stressing that any more fighting will be the death of the Troupe.[30]

After successfully carrying out the hostage exchange, Pakunoda returns without Chrollo and fires six of her Memory Bombs into Feitan and five other members, quickly collapsing afterwards. Shizuku checks her body and confirms that she's dead, asking the others what happened. Phinks then explains everything to the others.[31]

Greed Island arc

Feitan and Phinks meeting Gon and Killua at the auction

On September 6th, Feitan and Phinks attend the Southernpiece Auction and are surprised to see Gon and Killua, who immediately run away. The Troupe members easily chase after them and tell the two that they have no plans to kill them and that they can’t kill Kurapika because it could result in post-mortem Nen. Feitan gives him a look, and Phinks realizes that he shouldn’t reveal anything else, assuring himself that Chrollo is looking for an exorcist and that they just need to wait. Phinks assures Gon and Killua that they are just there to enjoy the auction, adding that the other members have already returned home. After Gon asks about Pakunoda, Phinks tells the two that she died and was thankful to them, quickly turning around as he and Feitan leave.[32]

Feitan and Phinks after killing Latarza

By attending the auction, Feitan and Phinks discover that Battera has purchased multiple copies of Greed Island and is selecting players through tryouts. Later on the same day, they attack a car carrying a copy, kill the guards, and take it back to their hideout to play.[33] After Feitan enters the game, Machi, Franklin, Shizuku, and Shalnark ask about it, and Phinks invites them to play before entering as well.[34] After Shalnark, Shizuku, and Kortopi also enter the game and discover that Greed Island may be a place in the real world, they come up with a plan and decide to meet up with Feitan and Phinks afterwards. Feitan and Phinks are seen to have killed Latarza and taken his cards. Phinks suggests that they have a contest to see which of them can kill the most players, and Feitan agrees, reminding Phinks to take their cards first.[35] After the Troupe members meet up, they leave together and then travel by boat to the island in the real world. However, they are promptly detected by Eta.[36] Upon reaching the shore, they encounter Razor, who introduces himself as a Game Master. He informs them that trespassers aren't welcome and that they can come back using the right way. He then uses an "Eliminate" card to send them to six different locations on the Azian Continent.[37]

Feitan and the others making their way to the real Greed Island

After Feitan and the others return the right way and realize that Chrollo headed to the real Greed Island according to his fortune, Shalnark tells them that he must have hired someone to play the game for him and then use his name as a message to them. As he adds that the exorcist must be on the island, Hisoka reveals himself and that it was his idea to use Chrollo's name. Phinks tells Hisoka that he would like to kill him now, but says that he will leave it to Chrollo.[38] Even though they don't possess many cards, Feitan and Phinks’ hostile playing style has even the Bombers concerned.[39] Finally locating the exorcist Abengane with the help of their new member Kalluto, the Troupe has Hisoka make a deal with him so that he will remove Kurapika's Judgment Chain from Chrollo's heart. Phinks tells Hisoka to get the job done and stresses that they will pay whatever the exorcist asks.[40]

Chimera Ant arc

Feitan and five other Troupe members making their way to Meteor City

During the Chimera Ant crisis, Feitan, Phinks, Bonolenov, Shalnark, Kalluto, and Shizuku all journey to Meteor City. On their way there, they discuss how the Chimera Ant invasion happened and why some of them came to the city. The Troupe is met by some locals who tell them about the self-proclaimed Queen making a nest near the city and wreaking havoc amongst the people, and how the assembly is currently dealing with it. Seeing that no immediate progress is being made, the Troupe take it upon themselves to solve the Chimera Ant problem, with Phinks assuring the officials that they will exterminate the Queen by the end of the day. The Troupe members approach the enormous nest and walk right in through the front door.[41]

With Kalluto surprised that they are going their separate ways, Phinks points out that he probably has abilities that he doesn't want the others to see. He also tells him that whoever kills the Queen first will become the acting leader. After the members split up, Feitan runs into Zazan and asks where the Queen is. Once Zazan confirms that she is standing right in front of him, Feitan upsets her by replying that her joke isn’t funny.[42]

He then pulls out his umbrella and opens it to divert Zazan’s attention, slashing at her with his concealed sword from the side. She manages to avoid taking damage, but her dress is ripped to shreds. She calls him a little boy and asks if he likes to hide things, with Feitan noticing her large stinger and adding that she also likes to hide things under loose clothing.[43] The two begin to fight, and although Feitan parries all of her attacks, he is quickly put on the defensive. Zazan laughs and tells him to come back when he can compete with her. Feitan acknowledges her criticism and says that he is out of shape, confidently adding that she will make good practice.[44] With the other Troupe members now watching his fight, Feitan dodges Zazan’s attacks so quickly that Kalluto is unable to follow the encounter. While Phinks comments that Feitan is fighting better, Bonolenov adds that he still isn’t at the top of his game.[45]

Feitan then picks up his umbrella and creates a series of afterimages to blindside Zazan. She manages to block his attack from behind with her stinger at the last second, noticing that he keeps getting quicker. Smiling, Feitan presses a button on the handle of the umbrella, firing its tip directly toward Zazan's face. However, the bullet only scratches her, causing Feitan to remark that she has tough skin. Now enraged, Zazan tears off her stinger and transforms into a larger creature. As Zazan threatens to kill him, Feitan exploits the opening and jumps on her back, using a Ko attack with his sword. However, her body has become so durable that the sword instantly breaks when it makes contact. Before he can rescind Zetsu, she hurls an aura projectile at him, shredding his clothes and causing him to cough up blood. Phinks and Shalnark explain to Kalluto what happened as Zazan claims that her body is indestructible and hits Feitan with a strong punch.[45]

Feitan mocking the dead Zazan

As Zazan continues her barrage of attacks, Feitan’s left arm is suddenly broken by one of her strikes. After Phinks playfully asks if he wants to switch with Bonolenov, Feitan snaps and begins to speak in his mother tongue while activating Pain Packer. The other Troupe members begin to run away, explaining to Kalluto that the attack almost killed them the last time they tried to watch. With Feitan now wearing an elaborate outfit, Zazan wonders when he changed clothes and notes that he is much stronger than before. Feitan says that he will pay back the pain, transferring it into a miniature sun that rises up into the air above Zazan. As his Rising Sun incinerates Zazan to death, Feitan taunts her and laughs maniacally. Once the ability runs out, he comments that the heat was on the weak side and that her death would have been quicker if she had done more damage to him.[1]

The Troupe members then encounter the transformed Meteor City residents, who all beg to be killed. However, Phinks refuses to do so and orders them to show what spirit they still have left as Meteor City natives. The other members ready their weapons, including Feitan who draws his sword, and the Troupe members easily take care of the transformed residents and return to the city. They decide to stay and take care of any more Ants that appear, but Shalnark receives a text from Nobunaga asking for help. Phinks is left disappointed that it wasn't Chrollo contacting them and says that he hates having to wait. Shalnark and Feitan jokingly tell Phinks that he’s acting like a girl with a crush, and Phinks angrily tosses rubble at the two injured Troupe members as they run away from him.[1]

Succession Contest arc

Feitan, Phinks, Franklin, and Nobunaga confronting the Buor Family

On the second day of the Black Whale’s voyage, Feitan, Phinks, Franklin, and Nobunaga are seen aboard the ship confronting three members of the Buor Family in Tier 5. They force them to talk about Kakin's three Mafia families, with Phinks guessing that there's a middleman between the boss and the henchmen. Franklin tells the Buor Family members to call over the person who takes the cut, and one of them replies that the next meeting is planned for Saturday. Phinks then tells the Mafia members that their new mission is to find everyone taller than 6'2" and get their room numbers.[46]

On the fourth day of the voyage, the Troupe gathers together in the crowded central dining hall and discusses the situation regarding Hisoka. When the Cha-R Family claims the table for themselves, the Troupe leaves without a fight. Chrollo states that they will meet again at that table and orders them to bring him Hisoka's head, with the Troupe members going their separate ways.[4]

Nobunaga tells Phinks and Feitan that they will leave Tier 5 to the Buor Family and search for Hisoka on Tier 4. He plans to retrieve his weapon from the warehouse, and Phinks says that he needs to get something as well, with Feitan adding that his trick umbrella was smuggled in with the black market goods. Nobunaga wonders if the two are babysitting him, but Feitan and Phinks stress that they don't want to give Hisoka any chance to kill them. After arriving at the warehouse, the three encounter some henchmen of the Cha-R Family, one of whom leads them inside. As the man turns the corner, Nobunaga stops Feitan and Phinks, stating that he suddenly vanished from his En, with Phinks noting that he can no longer feel his presence. They walk down the corridor, which turns out to be a dead-end, and then hear a thud from behind them. They find the man lying dead on the floor with his throat cut open. Feitan and Phinks nonchalantly keep searching for the items on their own, ridiculing Nobunaga's concern and telling him that his priorities are weird. As the three continue to talk, the hitman Luini watches them from his portal in the ceiling and describes them as his idols, hoping that they can destroy the world together.[47]

Feitan, Phinks, and Nobunaga discovering that the warehouse guards are missing

After retrieving their weapons, the three return to the entrance and find that the other Mafia members are gone, but Phinks points out that one got away, noting a trail of blood and worrying that it's a trap. Feitan points out that the blood is dry and that it was done around the same time as the other one. Phinks then remarks that if someone had wanted to frame them as enemies of the Cha-R Family, the first corpse would have been enough. After Feitan points out that that’s true if the victim is alive, Nobunaga replies that the murders may be unrelated to them, and Phinks asks him if he believes multiple parties are involved. From Nobunaga's answer, he surmises that the culprit ran into them by chance and decided to use them, but switched back to his original plan when a fight didn't break out. They begin to follow the trail and surmise that Hisoka isn't involved, with Feitan explaining that the wound was shoddily made by something bigger than a card. As they guess that the culprit's target is the Cha-R Family, the trail ends at a locked door, and Phinks notices the two security cameras nearby, which he finds odd for Tier 5. After Nobunaga tries to open the door and finds that it's locked, the Cha-R underboss Ken'i Wang appears behind them with four armed subordinates. He asks if they are the ones who attacked the warehouse guards, but after the Troupe members say that they weren't involved, Ken'i receives a call from his subordinates about a man who entered their hideout with a wounded warehouse guard and yelled that the Spiders did it. Ken'i is annoyed that someone tried to manipulate the two groups into fighting and guesses that he was a hitman from one of the other families. Phinks speculates that they did so to fulfill an ability condition in order to teleport into their hideout at a later time, explaining the process in great detail and even mentioning Nen by name. While Ken'i asks the three Troupe members if they want to work together, he tells himself that they are dangerous and must be eliminated.[48]

Inside the Cha-R's hideout, after Ken'i and the Troupe members watch the surveillance footage, Nobunaga points out that the hitman will come to open the other door. Ken'i asks if they want to see what's inside, and Nobunaga refuses to do so for free, offering to kill the hitman. After Ken'i agrees, he introduces the Spiders to the other Cha-R members present. After telling them that the Cha-R has around 250 members on board, the supervisor Tsudonke recognizes the Spiders and keeps it to himself, wondering if he should ask them for an autograph.[49]

Tajao discussing Morena with the Spiders

On the seventh day of the voyage, Tajao, the assistant to the Cha-R boss, emerges from the locked room in the hideout, escorted by Ken'i. Phinks objects to the way Ken'i introduces them, making it sound like the Spiders are the ones who requested cooperation. After Ken'i gives Tajao his report, Phinks explains that they are looking for Hisoka, who was nowhere to be found in Tier 5. He says that the Troupe members will kill the hitman if they get permission from the Xi-Yu Family to allow them to search Tier 4. He is confident that the hitman will eventually return to access the passage leading to the upper tiers, perhaps in order to kill their boss. Tajao warns the three Spiders that an inescapable war might occur depending on where Morena is. He informs them of the rules that the families must follow, exasperating Phinks and Nobunaga. The two surmise that the most convenient course of action would be to kill Morena. Phinks urges Ken'i and Tajao to find her and assures them that the Spiders will come together to hunt down the hitman.[50]

On the tenth day of the voyage, after Onior confirms with Hinrigh that Hisoka isn't in Tier 4, he says that he can give the Spiders permission to search that tier.[51]


Feitan's concealed sword

Concealed Sword: Feitan has a double-edged, thin sword resembling a jian or shikomizue, which he keeps concealed inside an umbrella. The hilt resembles that of an umbrella and is wrapped in dark purple bandages. The umbrella itself is maroon, with a black skull painted on it. Aside from concealing Feitan's sword, the umbrella can also be opened to briefly distract the opponent and create an opening,[43] or to stab them with the tip, which can also be fired like a bullet by pressing a button on the handle.[45]

Abilities & Powers

Due to Feitan being born in Meteor City, his existence is not recorded in any database, which makes obtaining information on him nearly impossible.[13] In terms of combat prowess, Feitan stands out even among the Spiders. His extreme speed, great strength, and skill in swordsmanship, combined with his powerful Nen abilities, make him a deadly opponent. His strength of mind and ruthlessness allow him to act without hesitation. He has a penchant for attacking the enemy from their blind spots.[43][45] Since he rarely fights at full strength, he often underperforms at the beginning of a real fight.[44]

Enhanced Strength: Feitan ranked fifth in arm-wrestling among the Troupe. He was able to restrain Gon after the latter won an arm-wrestling bout against Nobunaga.[11]

Feitan beheading Mafia members in an instant

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Feitan's speed is among the highest in the Troupe.[45] He was able to move behind and restrain Gon in the blink of an eye.[11] After he unleashed his deafening howl and the other members asked why he didn’t warn them, Uvogin replied that they were fast enough to cover their ears before the sound reached them.[18] Feitan was also able to jump out of a car before Owl’s Fun Fun Cloth enveloped it.[19] He beheaded multiple Mafia members in an instant.[22] During his fight with Zazan, he moved so fast that Kalluto had trouble following him, creating multiple afterimages of himself while dodging all of Zazan's high-speed attacks,[45] despite calling himself "out of shape"[44] and the other Spiders commenting that he wasn’t at the top of his game.[45]

Immense Agility: Feitan is able to attack from every direction while darting around at impressive speeds, recovering his position quickly right after an exchange of blows and assaulting the enemy relentlessly.[45]

Advanced Stamina: Feitan was able to dodge nearly every attack from Zazan and move at incredible speeds without breaking a sweat.[44]

Enhanced Endurance: Feitan continued fighting against a very powerful enemy such as Zazan even after having one arm and some ribs broken. Even after defeating Zazan, he fought alongside his comrades and killed all the Meteor City natives who had been turned into Ants.[1]

Feitan parrying Zazan’s attacks

Master Swordsman: Feitan carries a concealed sword which he wields proficiently.[43] He redirected most of Zazan's attacks with his sword.[43] He can exploit an opening in the enemy's movements to land a deadly attack, as well as perform multiple feints so quickly that Kalluto, a talented assassin, could barely count them.[45]

Master Torturer: Feitan is adept at torturing people in order to get information out of them,[7] as he did with Owl,[5] or to exact revenge, as he was eager to do with Gon.[11] He used a form of torture when he killed Zazan with his Pain Packer.


Feitan using Ko against Zazan

Feitan is a Transmuter*.[2] He is a powerful Nen user whose Rising Sun would have been lethal to multiple Troupe members if they had stayed to watch it being unleashed. The armor he materializes before using the ability suggests that he is skilled in Conjuration as well. Additionally, Feitan employs Emission to detach the aura from his body while preparing the attack.[1] Using three Nen categories simultaneously demonstrates versatility and competence. Aside from Hatsu, he has also mastered advanced Nen techniques like Shu and Ko, which he can combine,[45] as well as Ken.[1] These advanced applications imply that he can use Ten, Ren, Zetsu, and Gyo.[52]

Feitan's Nen Type: Transmutation
Type: Conjuration Pain Packer (許されざる者(ぺインパッカー) Unforgiven)
Pain Packer 2011.png After taking damage and becoming enraged, Feitan conjures a suit of armor that protects him from the effects of the ensuing technique. His aura output also receives a boost. Phinks stated that the ability has a wide range and implied that it has multiple variations.[1]
Type: Emission and Transmutation Rising Sun (太陽に灼かれて(ライジングサン) Burnt by the Sun)
Feitan's rising sun.gif Feitan transmutes his aura into scorching heat, its power depending on the pain and injuries inflicted to him in battle. The ability is manifested by emitting a ball of aura into the air, which then transforms into a miniature sun that burns the victim to death. The more damage he has suffered, the hotter the fire, and the longer it will burn. Rising Sun is the only variation of Pain Packer that has been seen. While Feitan wears his armor, he is not harmed by the heat and is supplied a source of oxygen.[1] The activation requirement may suggest that it is counteractive.[53]


  • Yorknew City arc:
    • Feitan, Shizuku Murasaki, Machi Komacine, and Shalnark vs. Owl and five other Shadow Beasts[19]
    • Feitan and Phinks Magcub vs. Mafia Members (Uvogin's Requiem)[22][23]
  • Greed Island arc:
    • Feitan and Phinks Magcub vs. Battera's Employees[33]
    • Feitan and Phinks Magcub vs. Latarza[35]
    • Feitan vs. Greed Island Players[39]
  • Chimera Ant arc:
    • Feitan vs. Zazan[42][43][44][45][1]
    • Feitan, Phinks Magcub, Shalnark, Shizuku Murasaki, Bonolenov Ndongo, and Kalluto Zoldyck vs. Disfigured Meteor City Natives[1]
  • Succession Contest arc:
    • Feitan, Phinks Magcub, Nobunaga Hazama, and Franklin Bordeau vs. Buor Family Thugs[46]


  • (To Shizuku) "We take what we want."[15]
  • (To a Mafia member) "Family? What's that?"[16]
  • (To Gon) "You too cocky."[11]
  • (To Nobunaga) "First, his fingers. I rip nail off."[11]
  • (To Gon and Killua) "Hear that? Good for you. You go home to mommy now."[11]
  • (To Nobunaga) "Chrollo would agree. The Spiders are the priority. Your way of thinking, Nobunaga, is an insult to the Spiders."[8]
  • (To Phinks) "We bandits. We here to steal."[33]
  • (To Zazan) "Too much unguarded. I not nice. I take advantage."[1]
  • (To Zazan) "Bitch... don't press your luck."[1]
  • (To Zazan) "I'll pay back the pain. By transferring it into scorching heat!! Pain Packer!!"[1]
  • (To a dying Zazan)"Hot enough for you? It scorches your throat closed so you can't breathe. You can run away, you know. If you can even move, that is. What's wrong? I thought your body was indestructible."[1]
  • (After defeating Zazan) "Fuel out already? Heat on weak side too. Too bad. Your death much quicker if you hurt me more. Oh well. You ask for it."[1]
  • (To Nobunaga) "Kill first. Who and how are secondary."[47]

Inverted Japanese

Feitan's Quotes (versus Zazan)
Japanese Rōmaji Reversed Rōmaji (Spoken) English Translation
クソが… Kuso ga... Ga soku... Piece of crap...
調子にのりやがって Choushi ni noriyagatte Ttegayarino ni shichou Know your place
痛みを返すぜ Itami wo kaesu ze ze sueka wo mitai Now I return your pain
熱いか? Atsui ka? Ka itsua? Is it hot?
のどが焼けて息すらできねえだろ Nodo ga yakete ikisura dekinee daro Roda enekide rasuiki tekeya ga dono Throat too scorched to even breathe
逃げてもいいぜ? Nigete mo ii ze? Ze ii mo tegeni? You could try to run?
まともに動けたらな Matomo ni ugoketara na Na ratakegou ni motoma Assuming you can even move
どうした? Doushita? Tashiudo? What's wrong?
自慢の硬い体でなんとかしてみろよ Jiman no katai tai de nantoka shite miro yo Yo romi teshi katonan de tai taika no nmaji Make use of that tough body you're so proud of


  • In the official databook, his name is also spelled as "Heytun".[2]
    • The alternative form of Feitan's name may be a reference to his Chinese-like theme and "origin" as it is very similar to the hanzi 黑暾 (hēi tūn, in Mandarin), where (hēi) [usually] means "black/dark" (referring to his general color scheme) and (tūn) [literary] means "new-risen sun/morning sun/sun above the horizon" (referring to his Rising Sun ability).
  • When Chrollo used Neon's ability to predict the Troupe members' fortunes, Feitan was one of three members (along with Phinks and Kortopi) whose fortune could not be told due to lack of information, with Feitan not knowing his date of birth.[3]
  • Feitan appears to be left-handed and seemingly ambidextrous as he is seen holding his sword in his left hand until it is broken and then switches to using his right hand during the fight with Zazan.

Intertextuality and References

  • While torturing Owl, Feitan was seen reading a book by Trevor Brown, a controversial artist whose work involves paraphilia.[5]
  • The name Feitan and his Pain Packer ability are possibly both references to the Greek mythological figure, Phaethon, son of the solar deity Helios (the personification of the Sun). Phaethon means "Shining One" and was also the name of Phaethon, son of Eos (Goddess of the Dawn).
  • The sub-names of Feitan's abilities are derived from movies: Unforgiven or The Unforgiven and Burnt by the Sun.
  • Feitan bears a resemblance to Hiei from Togashi's other well-known series, YuYu Hakusho:
    • both are small in stature;
    • both are extremely fast;
    • both are proficient in swordplay;
    • both lack remorse in killing their enemies;
    • both utilize fire;
    • both wear dark clothing;
    • the way Feitan maneuvered behind Zazan and tried to stab her from above is reminiscent of how Hiei killed Makintaro.


Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic فيتان بورتور (Fitan Burtur)
China Flag.png Chinese 飞坦•博通/飛坦•博通* (Fēi tǎn Bótōng) [China/Taiwan]
佛达/佛達* (Fú dá) [Hong Kong]
France Flag.png French Feitan Pohtoh
Greece Flag.png Greek Φέιταν (Féitan)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 페이탄 포토오 (Peitan Potou)
Russia Flag.png Russian Фейтан Пото (Feytan Poto)
Thailand Flag.png Thai เฟย์ตัน (Fey̒ tạn)


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  1. The language is vocalized as inverted Japanese in the anime adaptation.


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