The Five Threats (()(だい)(やく)(さい)()()()()()(), 5 Daiyakusai—lit. "Five Great Calamities") are five different specimens that were obtained from the Dark Continent, during five different voyages in the past.[1]


At the end of each of the five successful voyages, as collateral damage, humanity brought back Five Threats: the weapon Brion, the gas life-form Ai, the two-tailed snake Hellbell, the human feeding beast Pap, and the immortal sickness Zobae Disease.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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The Five Threats are first seen when Steiner, the Deputy Secretary of the International Permit Agency (IPA), reads about them in the book detailing the Dark Continent.[1]

Summary of the Five TripsEdit

Summary of the Five Trips
V6 Member Begerossé Union United States of Saherta Federation of Ochima Mimbo Republic Kukan'yu Kingdom
Direction Northeast shore of Lake Mobius. North shore of Lake Mobius. Far southeast shore of Lake Mobius. Southeast shore of Lake Mobius. South shore of Lake Mobius.
Location In a steep mountain range. In the ruins of an ancient labyrinthine city that lies 400 km in a forest. Swamps - -
Resources Unmanned Rock Unknown Herb Nitro Rice Trinity Elixir Metallion
Use An ore that generates electricity when placed under water. One small bead can generate 20,000 kW a day. Can cure all kinds of diseases. The ultimate secret of longevity. The mother solution for all sorts of liquids. An alchemy plant.
Threats Pap Brion Hellbell Ai Zobae
Returning Survivors 7 out of 1000 (0.7% survival rate) 2 11 (99% fell prey to Hellbell) 3 6 (including Beyond Netero and the Hunter afflicted by Zobae)

Threats StatsEdit

Statistics of the Five Threats
  Ferocity Number Fertility Destructivity
(Bodily Harm)
Chimera Ants (Humanoid) B~C
B B-1 A B
Ai A-2 ? ? A~B A
Brion B (A-1) C B-2 A-1 B+
Zobae (Patient) C-1 (A-2) E B-2 B-2 B+
Hellbell A-1 ? ? A-2 A
Pap A-2 ? ? B-1 A
Human (Individual) C E C B~E C
Human (Nation) B (A-1) A C (B) A~C A-~B+

Creatures ClassificationEdit

Ranking of Dangerous Creatures
Highest (A) → Lowest (E)
Rating Criteria A B C D E
Agression Towards Human 1) Attacks without provocation.
2) Ecology or behavior endangers many lives.
Species ranks A under certain conditions (climate, food source, exposure to chemicals). 1) Individual differences.
2) Individuals can rank A under certain conditions (smell of blood, under threat, breading season, defending young).
Passive: sudden encounters may provoke a defensive or evasive attack (emission of gas, liquid, needles, body slam). None.
Number One nest, host or herd numbers in 10,000 or more. 100s-1,000s. <100. <10. Individuals.
Fecundity Explosive growth once breeding begins. 1) Breeds several times a year, with >10 young.
2) Conditions can put the species closer to A.
Comparable to that of humans. Long intervals between matings, with few young. Does not reproduce, or at low enough frequency to be negligible.
Threat of Bodily Harm 1) High probability of death.
2) Injuries affect daily life, complete recovery difficult, lifelong aftereffects.
1) How to avoid them is known, but failure leads to serious injuries or death.
2) Complete recovery difficult, lifelong aftereffects.
1) Long-term rest and treatment is necessary. Death is also possible.
2) Indirectly affects many lives (damage to crops, livestock).
1) Does not affect daily life, but mild aftereffects or scars remain.
2) Recovery is possible with a few weeks of treatment.
1) Recovery in days with drugs or treatment.
2) Limited indirect adverse effects (limited contamination, temporary evacuation).
Total Immediate eradication is necessary but method is uncertain; global cooperation is essential. Immediate eradication is necessary at high cost and high risk; international response is necessary. Immediate measures are necessary, but local response suffices. Response to individual cases necessary but not urgent or dangerous. A warning to civilians is necessary, but situation is not serious.


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