Foxbears (キツネグマ, Kitsuneguma) are large creatures which are a hybrid of a bear and a fox. They are native to the Snakebeech Forest on Whale Island.[1]


A Foxbear cub

Foxbears are large creatures that stand over a few feet tall, with stocky bodies and extremely sharp, pointed claws. They have brown fur and red eyes. Cubs have short tails that end in a dark, hairy tuft.[1]


They are large and aggressive territorial beasts that reside in the forests of Whale Island. They mark their territory by leaving claw marks on trees and if their territory is approached they will attack the intruder, especially females with cubs. They are not easy to tame, however Gon Freecss successfully tamed a Foxbear which he has known since it was a cub.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

Young Gon wants to raise the cub

A few years ago, a protective foxbear mother attacked Gon for trespassing in her territory in the Snakebeech Forest despite the several warnings on the trees. Kite arrived after receiving warning calls from squirrels and eventually ended up killing the mother. When he moved to kill the cub as well, claiming that it will grow to hate humans, Gon saved the cub and promised to raise it as his own. Later, he named the young cub Kon.[1]

After Gon successfully caught the Master of the Swamp, he returns to the forest and called for Kon. There, by the river, they do some fishing and eat their catches throughout the day. Gon warns Kon that being a Hunter do things that animals may hate. Kon leaves, but later returns with a second foxbear and other animals to say goodbye to Gon.[1]

Notable Foxbears


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