"Either way, you guys are relying too much on Chrollo. And then what'll happen if we get destroyed? Won't that be the worst betrayal to Chrollo? That's how this'll end if we keep fighting."

— Franklin to the other Spiders, in "September 4th: Part 17"

Franklin Bordeau (フランクリン゠ボルドー, Furankurin Borudō) is member #7 of the Phantom Troupe.[2] He ranked fourth in physical strength among the group.[4]


Franklin's 2011 anime adaptation design

Franklin's 1999 anime adaptation design

Franklin's manga appearance

Franklin has the appearance of a giant and resembles Frankenstein’s monster, with multiple scars across his face and sewn-up wounds around his mouth. His hair is short and messy, and he has elongated earlobes that reach his chest, with a pair of golden earrings piercing the ends. His attire consists of a blue jumpsuit, a white jacket with black stripes at the edges, and brown shoes.


Complementing his appearance, Franklin never hesitates to kill, even reveling in combat. He is quick-tempered when challenged, to the point of engaging in a fight with a fellow Troupe member.[5] He often teams up with Shizuku.[6] He is also extremely analytical in difficult situations, capable of resolving disagreements among Troupe members. When Phinks, Feitan, Machi, and Pakunoda argue about whether or not to pursue the chain user, Franklin stresses the importance of the Troupe’s survival. His loyalty to the Troupe is unquestionable, as he is willing to kill some members and start over if necessary.[7]


Franklin in his youth

Franklin is a founding member of the Troupe, all of whom hail from Meteor City, a junkyard city inhabited by outcasts that refuse to be part of society. People who live there do not exist in any official records, and the existence of the city itself is known to very few people.[8]


Yorknew City arc

Franklin and Nobunaga clashing on their way to Yorknew

Franklin and the other members of the Phantom Troupe meet up on August 31st in Yorknew City. He makes his way on foot with Machi, Nobunaga, and Feitan, asking Machi if Hisoka is coming and reminding her that it was her job. She replies that she doesn’t know and stresses that she told him to come. After Nobunaga praises Hisoka's Bungee Gum, Franklin tells him that he is giving Hisoka too much credit. When Nobunaga replies that anyone can talk big, the two suddenly slam their forearms together and begin sparring as Machi and Feitan talk. After they are all gathered at the hideout, their leader Chrollo reveals that they will steal all the items at the Underground Auction.[5]

Franklin massacring the Mafia at the auction

The following day, Franklin tells Shizuku that she should have used her left hand against Gon in their arm-wrestling match. When she insists on trying again, Feitan and Franklin stop her, saying that they don’t have enough time and that as thieves, they steal what they want.[9] That night, Franklin and Feitan infiltrate the Underground Auction disguised as auctioneers. At Feitan's signal, Franklin shoots and kills nearly everyone in the hall with his Double Machine Gun, including Tocino as he protects his two comrades and allows them to escape the room (before being quickly killed by Shizuku). As he was being killed, Tocino realized that Franklin was using Nen bullets and was also an Emitter, commenting on just how much force the bullets had.[10]

Franklin with beer for Uvogin

The Spiders make their escape in a hot-air balloon and tell Chrollo that the auction items were already missing. Chrollo orders them to attack the Mafia to lure out a group of powerful Nen users called the Shadow Beasts.[11] Once their balloon is shot down in the Gordeau Desert, they see dozens of Mafia members waiting for them, and Uvogin slaughters them and confronts four Shadow Beasts by himself. Franklin compares Uvogin to a gorilla and the Mafia members to ants, wondering why they would even try to fight him.[12] The moment Uvogin kills Porcupine with a scream, Franklin covers his ears in time and yells at Uvogin for not giving him a warning, eventually realizing that Uvogin was right not to let Porcupine know what he was about to do.[3] When Uvogin is captured, Franklin stays behind and lets the other Spiders chase the perpetrators by car.[13]

The next day, Gon and Killua get caught by the Troupe while they try to gather information on them in return for money. Once the two are brought to the group’s hideout, Franklin explains to Shizuku that she previously arm-wrestled Gon and lost to him, but eventually accepts that he won’t be able to make her remember.[14] Franklin defuses the situation when Nobunaga and Feitan look about to fight after Gon defeats the former in arm-wrestling. He asks Pakunoda if the two boys know anything about the chain user, but she assures him that they don’t. Franklin then suggests letting them go. When Nobunaga insists on the two boys joining the group, Franklin looks at him with concern as he leaves. Shalnark then briefs the Spiders on their next move and hands everyone a list of Nostrade Family employees, including Neon's bodyguards.[15]

Teaming up with Shizuku, Franklin explains that Nobunaga wants Gon to join the Phantom Troupe because the boy reminds him of Uvogin, giving more details about their friendship.[6] Chrollo orders the Spiders to kill the Mafia members they encounter on their way to the Cemetery Building and to make the massacre grandiose.[16] Franklin and Shizuku break through a barricade manned by both the police and Mafia. Their car explodes, but they emerge undamaged and Franklin decimates everyone around him with his Double Machine Gun.[17] After the death of the Ten Dons, the Troupe then runs the auction, and Franklin assists Kortopi in finding specific items so that he can create copies of them.[18] He is also one of the Troupe members whom Kortopi copies so that they can trick the Mafia into thinking that several Troupe members (including Chrollo) were killed during the encounter. Meanwhile, the Troupe returns to their hideout with many of the auction items and celebrates.[19]

The Troupe looking over the list of Nostrade bodyguards

Chrollo decides that it’s time for the Troupe to leave the city, but Nobunaga insists that they go after the chain user. Franklin tells Nobunaga to stop and obey their leader’s orders.[8] Knowing that Nobunaga won't stop his vendetta against the chain user, Chrollo writes down a fortune using his newly-stolen ability. Once Nobunaga reads it, he reveals that five Spiders will die the following week, but when Franklin asks who they are, he cannot answer.[20] Franklin then gives Chrollo the necessary information to have his fortune told.[21] When Hisoka seems to imply that he sold out Uvogin to the chain user, Franklin and Shalnark realize that he has given away the secrets of multiple members. The two step in to prevent Nobunaga from attacking Hisoka. Franklin insists on hearing his justification and asks him about his actions that week. Hisoka replies that he cannot answer, and Franklin tries to stop Nobunaga again. However, the swordsman gets past him, only to be stopped by Chrollo, who theorizes that Hisoka has been affected by the chain user’s ability. The group wonders which of them will be with the other five to die, and Chrollo points out that no one else’s fortune predicted death. Phinks then says that it has to be either Feitan, Kortopi, or himself since they didn’t have the necessary information to have their fortunes read. Franklin points out that they were lucky to get as many fortunes as they did given their backgrounds.[22]

Chrollo divides the Troupe into separate groups, telling Franklin, Bonolenov, and Hisoka to stay at the hideout.[23] The Spiders look at the updated list of Neon's bodyguards, and Franklin is surprised that she has as many as seven. Through Kortopi's Gallery Fake, the Spiders discover that the chain user is at the Hotel Beitacle, and Chrollo leads a team to track him down.[24] In Pakunoda's flashback remembering the formation of the Troupe in Meteor City, Franklin can be seen among the founding members listening to Chrollo's speech about the importance of the Spider.[25]

After Chrollo is taken hostage by Kurapika, Phinks contacts Franklin, Bonolenov, and Hisoka and informs them that all ten of them have to be at the hideout or Chrollo will die. Franklin says that the chain user is using the other hostages to get updates and describes him as smart, with Bonolenov adding that he's tough.[26] Soon afterwards, as the three continue to wait for the others to return, they hear a sound in the distance and Hisoka suggests that they check it out. Once Hisoka turns the corner to leave the room, Franklin and Bonolenov spot a child standing on the ledge of a nearby window. After the child leaps down and escapes, Franklin wonders if it's one of them and Bonolenov asks if they should follow. However, Franklin worries that it could be a trap and suggests that they wait until everyone returns. Hisoka, his eyes now entirely black, regroups with the other two Spiders.[27]

Pakunoda returns to the hideout from Lingon Airport after listening to Kurapika’s conditions and declares that she’s taking Gon and Killua to the hostage exchange, but Phinks is adamant that they just kill the two boys and then go kill the chain user.[28] A heated debate occurs between two sides of the Phantom Troupe until Gon intervenes and claims that Pakunoda is doing it for the sake of their boss. Franklin speaks up and sides with Pakunoda. To prove his point, after he asks Shalnark what the worst-case scenario is, he stresses that it would be the death of the Troupe. He adds that the Spiders rely too much on Chrollo to sacrifice him, and that in-fighting could destroy them all. He then proposes that if any of them are being manipulated, they can simply kill them and start over. When Pakunoda and the two boys leave, Franklin asks Phinks why he isn’t going after them, and Phinks replies that they will try to stop him, agreeing to wait and see what happens. He threatens to kill Franklin as well if Chrollo doesn’t return, causing Franklin to give a small smile.[7]

Franklin and the other founding members receiving Pakunoda’s memories

After successfully carrying out the hostage exchange, Pakunoda returns without Chrollo and fires six of her Memory Bombs into Franklin and the five other founding members, quickly collapsing afterwards. Shizuku checks her body and confirms that she's dead, asking the others what happened. Phinks then explains everything to the others.[29]

Greed Island arc

When Phinks invites him to play Greed Island, Franklin says that he may if he feels like it. After Phinks and Feitan enter the game, Franklin is seen holding the auction catalog as he tells Machi that it’s a game that can possibly kill its players.[30] After entering the game, Shalnark realizes that it’s an island located in the real world and plans to use "Toraemon" to collect all the specified slot cards.[31] He exits the game and makes his way by boat with five other members (including Franklin). Following Shalnark's coordinates, they sail until they find an island. Franklin says that they can’t be sure yet, but Shalnark assures him that it’s the real thing. They are promptly detected by Eta,[32] and Razor confronts them on the shore, introducing himself as a Game Master. He informs them that trespassers aren't welcome and that they can come back using the right way. He then uses an "Eliminate" card to send them to six different locations on the Azian Continent.[33]

Franklin and the others in Greed Island

After returning the right way and realizing that Chrollo headed to the real Greed Island according to his fortune, Shalnark tells the others that he must have hired someone to play the game for him and then use his name as a message to them. As Shalnark adds that the exorcist must be on the island and Franklin suggests handing him over to “Chrollo” once they find him, Hisoka reveals himself and says that it was his idea to use Chrollo’s name.[34] Finally locating the exorcist Abengane with the help of their new member Kalluto, the Troupe has Hisoka make a deal with him so that he will remove Kurapika's Judgment Chain from Chrollo's heart.[35]

Succession Contest arc

On the second day of the Black Whale’s voyage, Franklin, Phinks, Feitan, and Nobunaga are seen aboard the ship confronting three members of the Buor Family in Tier 5. They force them to talk about Kakin's three Mafia families, with Franklin suggesting to the other Spiders that they antagonize all three and asking one of the Buor members which one is the strongest. One of them says that it's the Xi-Yu Family in terms of money and numbers. Franklin then tells them to call over the person who takes the cut, and he replies that the next meeting is planned for Saturday. Phinks then tells the Mafia members that their new mission is to find everyone taller than 6'2" and get their room numbers.[36]

The Spiders splitting up to find Hisoka

On the fourth day of the voyage, the Troupe gathers together in the crowded central dining hall and discusses the situation regarding Hisoka. When the Cha-R Family claims the table for themselves, the Troupe leaves without a fight. Chrollo states that they will meet again at that table and orders them to bring him Hisoka's head, with the Troupe members going their separate ways.[2]

Franklin being questioned by Ittoku

Now sitting by himself in the Tier 5 central dining hall as he enjoys a meal, Franklin is approached by Ittoku, the consigliere of the Cha-R Family, and four other Mafia members. As Ittoku sits opposite him, Franklin reminds him that they already moved tables and asks if he has something else to say. Ittoku uses Franklin’s name and wonders if he’s going to look for Hisoka. Franklin replies that he doesn’t waste effort, explaining that since Hisoka is looking to kill them, he will come find him as long as he sits and waits. Ittoku then reveals that two of his warehouse guards were killed and four were taken. Franklin assures him that the Troupe wasn’t involved, but then says that it depends on whether or not the Mafia members started the fight. Ittoku points out that Franklin’s three comrades were guaranteed to receive their weapons, wondering why they would fight them. Franklin then assures him that it wasn’t the Troupe and that someone else took advantage of the situation. Ittoku asks if it was Hisoka, and while Franklin says that it could be, he stresses that it wasn’t the Troupe. As he stands up to leave, Ittoku finally asks if the Troupe boarded the ship just for Hisoka, and while Franklin replies that they are still thieves, he stresses that they won’t take the next step until they find and kill Hisoka. After putting out his cigarette on his own steak, Ittoku apologizes and leaves with his men.[37]

At 10 a.m. on the same day, Franklin is seen still by himself in the central dining hall.[38] On the seventh day of the voyage, after Phinks, Nobunaga, and Feitan discuss the current situation with Ken'i and Tajao, Phinks asks them to verify Morena's location while they contact the other Troupe members and hunt down the hit man.[39] On the tenth day of the voyage, after Onior confirms with Hinrigh that Hisoka isn't in Tier 4, he says that he can give the Spiders permission to search that tier.[40]

Abilities & Powers

Due to Franklin being born in Meteor City, his existence is not recorded in any database, which makes obtaining information on him nearly impossible.[8] Franklin seems to prefer to fight with his Nen bullets in combat since their number, speed, and power are usually enough to overpower his opponents.

Enhanced Strength: Ranking fourth in arm-wrestling among the Troupe, Franklin's strength is likely to be extremely impressive.[4]

Advanced Speed and Reflexes: Despite his bulky appearance, Franklin has significant speed. After he unleashed his deafening howl and the other members asked why he didn’t warn them, Uvogin replied that they were fast enough to cover their ears before the sound reached them.[3]

Keen Intellect: Thanks to his ability to maintain his cool in dire situations, Franklin has proven to be a reliable decision-maker and counselor for his fellow Spiders. His calm allowed him to pacify the group during Chrollo's absence, exposing the flaws in Shalnark's reasoning to show how much the Troupe relied on their leader.[7]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Franklin is also able to engage in close combat, as demonstrated during his playful bout with Nobunaga.[5]


Franklin is an Emitter.[3] As a member of the Troupe, he is feared as a very powerful Nen user. He appears to have a large amount of aura, shooting hundreds of devastating bullets without growing tired. His Enhancement skills also appear to be quite high, as he came out of the explosion of a car completely unscathed.[17]

Franklin's Nen Type: Emission[3]
Type: Emission Double Machine Gun (俺の両手は機関銃(ダブルマシンガン) Daburu Mashin Gan, lit. "My Ambidextrous Machine Guns")[note 1]
Double machine gun.png After separating his fingertips at the height of the distal phalanges, Franklin expels aura from his fingers in the form of bullets. Coupled with the ability's high rate of fire, their tremendous speed and power make it ideal to slaughter dozens of opponents in a matter of seconds. Tocino, a fellow Emitter, was astounded that Franklin's projectiles could tear through his Nen puppets and retain enough kinetic force to inflict fatal wounds.[10] Although it was not required, Franklin chose to cut his fingertips off because he felt it would be more effective, and since self-imposed limitations can greatly enhance Nen abilities, the power of each bullet increased dramatically.[3]


  • Yorknew City arc:
    • Franklin vs. Nobunaga Hazama[5]
    • Franklin and Shizuku Murasaki vs. Shachmono Tocino, Baise, and Ivlenkov[10]
    • Franklin vs. Mafia Members (Uvogin's Requiem)[17]
  • Succession Contest arc:
    • Franklin, Phinks Magcub, Nobunaga Hazama, and Feitan Portor vs. Buor Family Thugs[36]


  • (To Shalnark) "The worst case is all of us dying. The end of the Spiders."[7]
  • (To Phinks) "Let the kids and Pakunoda go. And if Chrollo doesn't come back, we just kill everyone being manipulated and start over. It's that simple."[7]
  • (To Ittoku) "I don't waste effort. He's looking to kill us, too. If I sit and wait, he'll come find me."[37]
  • (To Ittoku) "We'll always pick up the gauntlet."[37]


  • In the official databook, his name is also spelled as "Fulunki"*.[1] On the merchandise items that were used and sold during the Hunter × Hunter-Animate Cafe limited-time collaboration, his name appears as "Fulunkulin".[41]
  • Franklin is the only known Emitter in the Phantom Troupe.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Franklin's appearance is slightly altered in the 1999 anime adaptation. His stretched earlobes are given sleeves and his stitches are changed into piercings.

Intertextuality and References


  • Franklin shares the same Japanese voice actor of Leech in the 2011 anime adaptation, and of Basho and Majtani in the 1999 anime adaptation.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic فرانكلين بوردو (Franklin Burdu)
China Flag.png Chinese 富蘭克林 (Fùlánkèlín)
France Flag.png French Franklin Bordeaux
Greece Flag.png Greek Φράνκλιν (Frán'klin)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 프랭클린 보르도 (Peurengkeulin Boreudo)
Russia Flag.png Russian Франклин (Franklin)
Thailand Flag.png Thai แฟรงคลิน (Fæ rng kh lin)


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  1. Franklin's Nen ability is translated as 'Dual Machine Gun: "Ambidextrous Automatic Weapons"' in the Viz version.[10]


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